710:65-13-359 - Nonprofit foundations supporting NRA and other like organizations

710:65-13-359. Nonprofit foundations supporting NRA and other like organizations

(a) Qualifications for exemption. Sales of property to a nonprofit foundation which raises tax deductible contributions in support of a wide range of firearms related public interest activities of the National Rifle Association of America and other organizations that defend and foster the Second Amendment are exempt from sales tax.

(b) Application process. Application is made by submitting to the Taxpayer Assistance Division, Oklahoma Tax Commission, 2501 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73194, a completed Form 13-16-A, contained in Packet E available telephonically at (405) 521-3160 or online at www.tax.ok.gov, along with the following information:

(1) A letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizing the foundation or organization as exempt from federal income taxation pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3); and

(2) A written description of the qualifying activities of the foundation or organization, as may be evidenced by copies of:

(A) Articles of incorporation;

(B) By-laws;

(C) Brochure; and

(D) Notarized letter from the President or Chairman of the foundation or organization.

(c) Exemption limited to eligible, properly documented transactions. Only property purchased by the foundation/organization, invoiced to the foundation/organization, and paid for by funds or check directly from the foundation/organization will qualify for the exemption described in this Section.

(d) Purchases by contractors. Purchase of taxable personal property or services by a contractor, as defined by 68 O.S. § 1352, are taxable to the contractor. A contractor may not purchase tangible personal property or services to perform contracts with qualifying foundations/organizations enumerated in 68 O.S. § 1356(74)(a) exempt from sales tax.

Added at 26 Ok Reg 2354, eff 6-25-09; Amended at 27 Ok Reg 2308, eff 7-11-10

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