Or. Admin. R. 115-040-0030 - Panel of Arbitrators and Factfinders

(1) The State Conciliation Service of the Employment Relations Board shall maintain a panel of qualified labor arbitrators and factfinders for referral, upon request, to the parties to a labor dispute. Panel members are expected to conform to the ethical standards and procedures set forth in the code of professional responsibility for arbitrators of labor disputes as approved by the National Academy of Arbitrators.
(2) Persons seeking to be listed on the panel must complete and submit an application form. The form may be obtained from the State Conciliation Service of the Employment Relations Board. Upon receipt of a completed application, including the application fee in subsection (4) of this section, the Chair and the Conciliator will review the completed application in light of the criteria set forth below and decide whether to include an applicant on the panel. Each applicant will be notified in writing of the decision:
(a) General Criteria. Applicants will be accepted on the panel if they:
(A) Are experienced in decision-making roles in the resolution of collective bargaining or labor relations disputes; or
(B) Have extensive experience in relevant positions in collective bargaining; or
(C) Have relevant academic experience at the college or university level; and
(D) Are capable of conducting an orderly hearing, can analyze testimony and exhibits and can prepare clear and concise findings and awards within reasonable time limits, and appear, based on references, to be acceptable to the parties.
(b) Proof of Qualification. The qualifications listed in subsection (2)(a) of this rule, are preferably demonstrated by the submission of actual arbitration awards and/or factfinding reports prepared by the applicant while serving as an impartial arbitrator or factfinder chosen by the parties to disputes. Equivalent experience acquired in training, internship or other development programs, or experience such as that acquired as a hearing officer or judge in labor relations controversies also may be considered.
(c) Advocacy:
(A) An advocate is a person who or a member of a firm/business which represents employers or labor organizations, as an employee, attorney or consultant, in matters related to collective bargaining.
(B) No advocate shall be listed on the panel. A person who becomes an advocate while listed on the panel must notify the Conciliator immediately.
(d) Duration of Listing. A member will be removed from the panel by the Chair and Conciliator whenever the member:
(A) No longer meets the criteria for admission;
(B) Has been repeatedly and flagrantly delinquent in submitting awards;
(C) Has refused to make reasonable and periodic reports to the State Conciliation Service, as required;
(D) Has been the subject of complaints by parties who use the State Conciliation Service Panel and facilities and cause for removal has been shown;
(E) Is determined to be unacceptable to the parties who use the State Conciliation Service Arbitration and Factfinding Panel; or
(F) Fails to pay the annual fee in subsection (4) of this section within 30 days of billing;
(3) Procedures for Cancellation or Suspension of a Listing. The Conciliator, at the direction of the Board Chair, will review the reasons alleged for the cancellation or suspension. Before cancelling or suspending a listing, a panel member will be provided 30 days written notice of the proposed action. The notice will specify the action that is proposed, the reasons for the action, and the results of any review conducted by the Conciliator into this matter. The notice will also provide an opportunity for the panel member to submit a response or information to the Board Chair, or a designated representative, showing why the listing should not be canceled or suspended. The Board Chair's decision shall be in writing and shall be a final decision.
(4) An applicant to the panel of qualified arbitrators and factfinders shall pay an application fee in accordance with ORS 662.445. To remain on the panel, a member shall pay an annual fee in accordance with ORS 662.445.
(5) Nothing contained herein should be construed to limit the right of parties to select jointly any arbitrator or arbitration procedure acceptable to them.
(a) Arbitrators and factfinders selected by the parties pursuant to State Conciliation Service procedures shall promptly notify the Service of their selection.
(b) Arbitrators and factfinders selected pursuant to State Conciliation Service procedures shall promptly provide the State Conciliation Service with copies of decisions or recommendations.


Or. Admin. R. 115-040-0030
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 240.086(3), 243.766(7)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 243

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