Or. Admin. R. 333-101-0005 - Application for Registration of Radiation Machines

No X-ray machine shall be operated unless the registration application has been submitted by the registrant to the Authority. Each person having a radiation machine must:

(1) Apply, in writing, for registration of such machines with the Authority prior to the operation of a radiation machine. All operable radiation machines must be registered and the appropriate fee, which is listed in division 103 of these rules, must be paid. Registration fees received by the Authority shall be refundable up to 10 calendar days if the application is withdrawn. Hospitals wishing to register any radiation machine must meet the additional requirements of OAR 333-101-0200. To avoid radiation machine registration and fees, the X-ray tube must be removed or the machine must be disassembled. Application for registration must be completed on forms furnished by the Authority and must contain the following information or such other information as may be required:
(a) Name of the owner or person having administrative control and responsibility for use. "Person" is defined in OAR 333-100-0005 to include "organization";
(b) Address and telephone number where the machine is located and used except that a central headquarters address may be given for a mobile machine used at various temporary field locations;
(c) A description of the type, model and control panel serial number of the radiation machine (state I.D. number if issued) and its rated capacity in peak kilovolts and maximum milliamperes;
(d) A description of the use (dental, medical, industrial, veterinary, research, etc.) of the machine;
(e) Date of application and signature of registrant;
(f) The individual and the signature of the individual designated under section (3) of this rule;
(g) If the facility is mobile, the geographic areas within the state to be covered; and
(h) Name of the radiation machine supplier, installer and service agent.
(2) The registrant must notify the Authority within 30 days of any change which increases the radiation output or rating of the radiation machine or of any other change which renders the information required in section (1) of this rule no longer accurate.
(3) When required by the Authority, the registrant must designate an individual who will be responsible for radiation protection for the machine. Such individual must:
(a) Be qualified by training and experience concerning all hazards and precautions involved in operating the machine for which he or she is responsible;
(b) Recommend a detailed program of radiation safety for effective compliance with the applicable requirements of these rules;
(c) Give instructions concerning hazards and safety practices to individuals who may be occupationally exposed to radiation from the machine; and
(d) Make surveys and carry out other procedures as required by these rules.
(4) When, in the opinion of the Authority, the individual designated to be responsible for radiation safety does not have qualifications sufficient to insure safe use of the machine for which he or she is responsible, the Authority may order the registrant to designate another individual who meets the requirements of this division.
(5) Each registrant must prohibit any person from furnishing radiation machine servicing or services as described in OAR 333-101-0020(4) to his radiation machine facility until such person provides evidence that he has been licensed with the Authority as a provider of services in accordance with 333-101-0020.


Or. Admin. R. 333-101-0005
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 453.605 - 453.807

Stats. Implemented: ORS 453.605 - ORS 453.807

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