Or. Admin. R. 603-027-0640 - Exceptions to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44

The following exceptions and amendments are made to said handbook identified in OAR 603-027-0635:

(1) General Code: Section G-UR. User Requirements. In the last sentence of subsection G-UR.4.1 "Maintenance of Equipment", change "device user" to "device owner or operator".
(2) Scale Code:
(a) Section UR.3. User Requirements. At the end of subsection UR.3.3 "Single-Draft Vehicle Weighing", of the Scale Code in said handbook, add a new paragraph (c): "(c) The requirements of this rule apply only to new or used vehicle scales installed after August 13, 1975."
(b) Section UR.3. User Requirements. At the end of subsection UR.3.7.(a) add "and domestic solid waste".
(c) Add a new subsection UR.3.3.1. "Multiple-Draft Vehicle Weighing," to the Scale Code in said handbook: "UR.3.3.1. Multiple Draft Vehicle Weighing." A vehicle scale installed and in use for weighing highway vehicles prior to August 13, 1975, may, at its then existing location, continue to be used for commercially weighing a highway vehicle or a coupled highway vehicle in multiple-draft rather than a single draft if:
(A) The vendor and vendee to the weighing transaction or an agent of either with written authority to consent to the transaction, agree in writing to a multiple-draft weight determination and provide written disclosure of the multiple-draft weight determination for the information of third parties to the weighing transaction, in a manner prescribed by the Department;
(B) At least one of the approaches to such a scale is straight, level and in the same plane as the scale platform and the weight determination is made using that approach; and
(C) The vehicle weight is limited or distributed on the scale platform so as not to exceed the manufacturer's rated sectional capacity for such a scale.
(d) Non-price-computing non-electronic mechanical scales of 50 kilograms (110 pounds) capacity or less that meet other Scale Code design, performance, marking and user requirements are exempt from ACCURACY CLASS MARKING under Section S.5. provided that devices intended for Class III applications excluding retail precious metals and semi-precious gem weighing under Table 7a. of Scale Code Section UR.1.1(a) shall have a minimum of 240 scale divisions.
(3) Appendix D Definitions.
(a) Direct Sale. Replace with the following: "A sale in which both parties in the transaction are present when the quantity is being determined."
(b) Remanufactured device. At the end of the Remanufactured device definition add "by a remanufacturer."
(c) Remanufacturer. Add the following definition: "Remanufacturer. A company or individual who produces remanufactured devices or remanufactured main elements for resale."
(4) Hydrocarbon Gas Vapor-Measuring Devices Code. Section 3.33. Add a new subsection "N.7. Leak Test" to the Hydrocarbon Gas Vapor-Measuring Devices Code in said handbook: "N.7. Leak Test. Each hydrocarbon gas vapor-measuring device shall be submitted to a pressure leak test not to exceed the manufacturer's maximum rated pressure."


Or. Admin. R. 603-027-0640
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