Or. Admin. R. 690-382-0100 - Definitions

The definitions in this rule, along with the definitions in OAR 690-008-0001 and 690-300-0010, apply to the rules in OAR chapter 690, division 382. Where a term is defined in more than one rule, the definition in this rule applies.

(1) "Certificate of registration" or "registration" means a certificate of registration of the right to appropriate ground water under ORS 537.585 and 537.595 as documented under ORS 537.605. A certificate of registration is also known as a ground water registration.
(2) "Enlargement" means an expansion of a certificate of registration and includes, but is not limited to:
(a) Using a greater rate or duty of water per acre than currently allowed under a certificate of registration;
(b) Increasing the acreage irrigated under a certificate of registration;
(c) Failing to keep the original place of use from receiving water from the same source; or
(d) Diverting more water at the new point of appropriation than is legally available to that certificate of registration at the original point of appropriation.
(3) "Injury" or "Injury to an existing water right" means a proposed certificate of registration modification would result in another, existing water right not receiving previously available water to which it is legally entitled.
(4) "Layered" means a situation in which there are multiple water uses subject to transfer, permits, or certificates of registration that are appurtenant to the same place of use and that have been issued for the purpose of irrigation.
(5) "Point of appropriation" means a well or the pump location on a sump at which ground water is withdrawn from the ground for use under a ground water right or certificate of registration.
(6) "Protest" means a written statement expressing opposition to approval of a transfer application or an application to modify a certificate of registration and disagreement with a preliminary determination that is filed in response to the notice prescribed by OAR 690-382-0800 and includes the fee prescribed in ORS 536.050.
(7) "Report of ownership information" means a document prepared by a title company that includes ownership and a legal description of the lands to which the certificate of registration is appurtenant.
(8) "Standing statement" means a written statement expressing support for a preliminary determination that is filed in response to the notice prescribed by OAR 690-382-0800.
(9) "Water right conveyance agreement" means a purchase and sale agreement, deed, or other document that has been recorded in the deed records by the relevant county describing land to which a water right is appurtenant and demonstrating that the interest in that land and the interest in the appurtenant water right have been separately conveyed.
(10) "Water use subject to transfer" means a water use established by:
(a) An adjudication under ORS Chapter 539 as evidenced by court decree;
(b) A water right certificate;
(c) A water use permit for which a request for issuance of a water right certificate under ORS 537.250 has been received and approved by the Commission under ORS 537.250; or
(d) A transfer application for which an order approving the change has been issued under ORS 540.530 and for which proper proof of completion of the change has been filed with the Commission.


Or. Admin. R. 690-382-0100
WRD 5-2006, f. & cert. ef. 10-6-06; WRD 1-2009, f. & cert. ef. 6-18-09

Stat. Auth.: ORS 536.025; 536.027, 537.610, 540.531, HB 2123 (ch. 614, 2005 Oregon Water Laws)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 537.610, 540.505-540.532, HB 2123 (ch. 614, 2005 Oregon Water Laws)

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