Sec. 121.21 - Reimbursements for silicosis, anthraco-silicosis or coal workers' pneumoconiosis

§ 121.21. Reimbursements for silicosis, anthraco-silicosis or coal workers' pneumoconiosis

(a) Claims for compensation for silicosis, anthraco-silicosis or coal workers' pneumoconiosis as defined in section 108(q) of the act (77 P. S. § 27.1(q)), for disability or death, when the date of disability commences or death occurs between July 1, 1973, and June 30, 1976, inclusive, and when the liable employer is seeking to offset part of its liability under section 305.1 of the act (77 P. S. § 411.1), shall be instituted by filing a Claim Petition for Workers' Compensation, Form LIBC-362, with the Bureau.

(b) Unless stayed by a supersedeas on appeal, following the issuance of an award by the workers' compensation judge, the Board or the appellate court, compensation payments for silicosis, anthracosilicosis or coal workers' pneumoconiosis shall be made in full by the insurer. If the insurer seeks reimbursement from the Bureau under section 305.1 of the act, it shall submit the following to the Bureau:

(1) A notarized statement, signed by an officer of the company, containing an itemized list of payments made to all claimants for quarterly reimbursement. Each itemized entry must contain the claimant's name, address, Social Security number and the total amount paid to the claimant. Each itemized list shall be made for a full and exact calendar quarter: that is, January 1 through March 31; April 1 through June 30; July 1 through September 30; or October 1 through December 31. Each list must have two categories: recurring quarterly reimbursement and initial payment made to each claimant, which payment should include the current reimbursable quarter. Each list submitted must be in roster form and in numerical order according to the claimant's Social Security number, contain the claimant's name and Social Security number, cover the amount to be reimbursed and the total amount paid to the claimant, and be reported to the Bureau.

(2) Each bill containing the itemized entries shall be submitted to the Bureau no later than the 15th day of the month following the end of the calendar quarter for which reimbursement is sought. A bill received after that date will not be considered for payment until the end of the following quarter.

(c) For auditing purposes, an insurer shall keep records for 3 years from the date of each payment made under this section. The records shall be made available for inspection by the Bureau during normal business hours.

(d) If the Bureau believes that the insurer primarily liable for compensation under the act has failed to make a payment under the act and this section, the Bureau may pay compensation directly to the claimant, for the portion of the compensation which is payable by the Commonwealth under section 305.1 of the act until the insurer resumes payment of compensation. The Bureau is not required to initiate direct payments to a claimant when the insurer is making full payment of the compensation but is not seeking reimbursement under this section.

(The provisions of this § 121.21 amended through November 4, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 3262; amended August 3, 2007, effective August 4, 2007, 37 Pa.B. 4181.)

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