Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0880-14-.03 - QUALIFICATIONS FOR LICENSURE

Current through March 20, 2022

(1) Polysomnographic Technologist - To become licensed as a polysomnographic technologist an applicant must comply with the following procedures and requirements:
(a) An applicant shall complete an application that can be obtained from the Committee Office. The application form is not acceptable if any portion of it or any other documents required to be submitted by this rule or the application itself have been executed and dated prior to one year before filing with the Committee.
(b) An applicant shall respond truthfully and completely to every question or request for information contained in the application form and submit it along with all documentation and fees required by the form and these rules to the Committee Office. The required fees (application fee and state regulatory fee) may be paid in person, by mail or electronically by cash, check, money order, or by credit or debit cards accepted by the Division. If the fees are paid by certified, personal or corporate check they must be drawn against an account in a United States Bank, and made payable to the Polysomnography Professional Standards Committee.
(c) An applicant shall submit all documentation in support of an application to the Committee Office. All supporting documents must be received in the Committee Office within ninety (90) days of receipt of the application or the file will be closed. When necessary, all required documents shall be translated into English and such translation as well as the original document certified as to authenticity by the issuing source. Both versions must be submitted.
(d) An applicant shall have the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation send the result of a criminal background check of the applicant directly to the Committee Office.
(e) An applicant shall cause to be submitted to the Committee Office two letters of reference from any of the following providers:
1. A supervising physician ,
2. An instructor who provided training to the applicant in a polysomnography training program, or
3. A licensed polysomnographic technologist.
(f) If an applicant holds or has ever held a license or certification to practice polysomnography or any other profession in Tennessee or any other state, the applicant shall submit the equivalent of a Tennessee Certificate of Endorsement (verification of licensure or certification) from each such licensing agency which indicates the applicant holds or held an active license or certification and whether it has ever been disciplined or restricted.
(g) All applications shall be sworn to and signed by the applicant and notarized. All documents submitted for qualification of licensure become the property of the State of Tennessee and will not be returned.
(h) An applicant shall complete and obtain a passing score on the national certifying exam given by the BRPT within twelve months of applying for initial licensure unless the applicant is seeking licensure by endorsement pursuant to Rule 0880-14-.03(1)(l) in which case the applicant only needs to demonstrate that they have obtained a passing score on the national certifying exam given by the BRPT prior to applying for licensure.
(i) The applicant shall submit proof of completion of one of the educational requirements in T.C.A. § 63-31-106(b)(1), unless exempted by T.C.A. § 63-31-106(c). The applicant shall have the school send directly to the Committee Office either a certificate of completion, diploma, or final official transcript.
(j) The applicant must be credentialed by the BRPT.
(k) Polysomnographic technologists by endorsement - The Committee may issue a license by endorsement to an applicant who is currently licensed to practice polysomnography under the laws of another state, territory or country if the qualifications of the applicant are deemed by the Committee to be equivalent to those required in Tennessee. Endorsement applicants must:
1. Complete the Committee approved application,
2. Provide proof of possessing a current license, in good standing, from another state,
3. Demonstrate that they have completed the educational requirements in T.C.A. § 63-31-106(b)(1),
4. Demonstrate current certification by the BRPT, and,
5. Demonstrate that they have obtained a passing score on the national certifying exam given by the BRPT.
(I) Application review and licensure decisions shall be governed by Rule 0880-14-.04.
(2) Polysomnographic Technician - An application for a temporary permit to practice as a polysomnographic technician pursuant to T.C.A. § 63-31-107(a)(1) shall comply with all requirements of Rule 0880-14-.03(1) and all application review and permit decisions shall be governed by 0880-14-.04.
(a) Once the Committee receives notice that the Technician has obtained a passing score on the national certifying exam the applicant may be issued a license as a polysomnographic technologist.
(b) A technician has twelve months from the date of graduation from their accredited educational program to provide proof that they have passed the national certifying exam or their permit will be withdrawn. The Committee may in its sole discretion grant a one time extension of up to three (3) months beyond this one year period.
(3) Polysomnographic Trainee - Persons seeking to provide services as a polysomnographic trainee pursuant to T.C.A. § 63-31-107(a)(2) shall give written notice to the Board, through the Committee, at least thirty (30) days before providing such services, and shall include the following information in their letter of notification:
(a) Their full name,
(b) Their date of birth,
(c) Any other licenses, certificates, or permits they hold in Tennessee or another state,
(d) The facility or facilities where the person will be providing sleep-related services,
(e) Name of the educational program or institution in which the trainee is enrolled and in which he/she is receiving direct supervision,
(f) Their social security number,
(g) Mailing and physical address, and (h) Home telephone number.
(4) BRPT eligible persons are credentialed in one of the health-related fields accepted by the BRPT and are seeking clinical experience to be eligible to sit for the BRPT examination pursuant to T.C.A. § 63-31-107(a)(4). They shall:
(a) Give written notice to the Board, through the Committee, and shall include the following information in their letter of notification:
1. Their full name,
2. Mailing and physical address,
3. Home telephone number,
4. Their date of birth,
5. Any other licenses, certificates, or permits they hold in the State of Tennessee or any other state,
6. Name and license number of the technologist providing direct supervision of the individual, and
7. Their social security number.
(b) Only provide polysomnographic services for twelve (12) months from the date they give notice to the Committee of their intent to provide polysomnographic services unless they have been granted a license as a polysomnographic technologist or have completed all of the necessary requirements to provide polysomnographic services under T.C.A. § 63-31-107(a)(5).
(5) All applicants seeking licensure or providing notice to the Committee under Rule 0880-14-.03(1) through (4) shall at the time they begin providing polysomnographic services designate a primary supervising physician or a polysomnographic technologist if allowed by law. The person providing polysomnographic services must submit in writing any change in the primary supervising physician or polysomnographic technologist to the Committee's Administrative Office within fifteen (15) days of any change.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0880-14-.03
Original rule filed March 2, 2010; effective May 31, 2010.

Authority: T.C.A. §§ 63-6-101, 63-6-214, 63-31-101, 63-31-104, 63-31-106, 63-31-107 and 63-31-109.

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