Utah Admin. Code R426-2-400 - Emergency Medical Service Dispatch Center Minimum Designation and Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher Requirements

(1) Designated emergency medical service dispatch centers shall have a selective medical dispatch system that meets EMS Committee approval, and uses local dispatch protocols approved by the off-line medical director including:
(a) systemized caller interrogation questions;
(b) systemized pre-arrival instructions;
(c) protocols matching the dispatcher's evaluation of injury or illness severity with vehicle response mode and configuration;
(d) use protocols matching the dispatcher's evaluation of injury or illness severity with vehicle response mode and configuration;
(e) provide pre-hospital arrival instructions by a certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD);
(f) have a current updated plan of operations including:
(i) plan of operations to be used in a disaster or emergency;
(ii) communication systems; and
(iii) aid agreements with other designated medical service dispatch centers;
(g) a current agreement with a Department-certified offline medical director;
(h) an ongoing medical call review quality assurance program; and
(i) a licensed emergency medical dispatcher roster including certified EMD staff names, certification numbers and expiration dates.
(2) EMDs shall be certified by the dispatch center's selective medical dispatch system vendor. Before authorization of a training and certification program by the vendor of a qualified medical dispatch system, the vendor must meet the certification requirements approved by the EMS Committee. Certification requirements shall include:
(a) successful completion of the certification course and related testing;
(b) keep documentation of having completed a training course, utilizing the 2020 American Heart Association emergency cardiovascular care guidelines, in high-quality telephone cardiopulmonary resuscitation (T-CPR). The instruction shall incorporate recognition protocols for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) CPR instructions for callers, and continuous education;
(c) certified EMDs shall be included in the Department's license management system for compliance monitoring and may adjust state EMS grant revenues based on failure to comply with the requirements of this section;
(d) meet background screening requirements as described in Section 26-8a-310.5; and
(e) be at least 18 years of age or older.


Utah Admin. Code R426-2-400
Amended and Renumbered from 426-2-600; by Utah State Bulletin Number 2015-18, effective 8/21/2015 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2018-10, effective 4/19/2018 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2019-3, effective 1/11/2019 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2019-19, effective 9/11/2019 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-12, effective 5/31/2022

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