Topic - Health

  1. Title R380 - Administration (Rule R380-1 to R380-500)
  2. Title R381 - Child Care Center Licensing Committee (Rule R381-40 to R381-100)
  3. Title R382 - Children's Health Insurance Program (Rule R382-1 to R382-10)
  4. Title R384 - Disease Control and Prevention, Health Promotion (Rule R384-100 to R384-415)
  5. Title R386 - Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology (Rule R386-80 to R386-900)
  6. Title R388 - Disease Control and Prevention; HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis Control/Refugee Health (Rule R388-803 to R388-805)
  7. Title R392 - Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services (Rule R392-100 to R392-800)
  8. Title R396 - Disease Control and Prevention, Immunization (Rule R396-100)
  9. Title R398 - Family Health and Preparedness, Children with Special Health Care Needs (Rule R398-1 to R398-30)
  10. Title R406 - Family Health and Preparedness, WIC Services (Rule R406-100 to R406-301)
  11. Title R410 - Health Care Financing (Rule R410-14)
  12. Title R414 - Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy (Rule R414-1 to R414-525)
  13. Title R426 - Family Health and Preparedness, Emergency Medical Services (Rule R426-1 to R426-10)
  14. Title R428 - Center for Health Data, Health Care Statistics (Rule R428-1 to R428-15)
  15. Title R429 - Health, Patient Safety Program (Rule R429-1 to R429-3)
  16. Title R430 - Family Health and Preparedness, Child Care Licensing (Rule R430-1 to R430-100)
  17. Title R432 - Family Health and Preparedness, Licensing (Rule R432-1 to R432-950)
  18. Title R433 - Family Health and Preparedness, Licensing (Rule R433-1 to R433-200)
  19. Title R434 - Family Health and Preparedness, Primary Care and Rural Health (Rule R434-20 to R434-150)
  20. Title R436 - Center for Health Data, Vital Records and Statistics (Rule R436-1 to R436-55)
  21. Title R438 - Disease Control and Prevention, Laboratory Services (Rule R438-10 to R438-15)
  22. Title R444 - Disease Control and Prevention, Laboratory Improvement (Rule R444-1 to R444-14)
  23. Title R448 - Disease Control and Prevention, Medical Examiner (Rule R448-10 to R448-20)
  24. Title R495 - Administration (Human Services) (Rule R495-861)
  25. Title R501 - Human Services, Administration, Administrative Services, Licensing (Rule R501-1 to R501-16)
  26. Title R523 - Substance Abuse and Mental Health (Rule R523-15)
  27. Title R539 - Services for People with Disabilities (Rule R539-1)

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