Utah Admin. Code R429-3-2 - Definitions

(1) "Adverse event" means a reportable event that occurs:
(a) due to the administration of sedation or anesthesia;
(b) in an outpatient, non-emergency room setting;
(c) resulting in harm, escalation of care, or rescuing of the patient; and
(d) while under the direct care of the provider at the facility or within 24 hours of discharge.
(2) "Department" means the Utah Department of Health.
(3) "Escalation of care or rescue of a patient" means efforts made to rescue a patient from levels of sedation deeper than intended in order to prevent harm or death to a patient. This may include the use of:
(a) a rescue or reversal agent;
(b) aborting a procedure secondary to complications of sedation or anesthesia;
(c) unplanned assisted airway management;
(d) 911 call for Emergency Medical Services;
(e) transfer to a higher level of care; or
(f) any other intervention.
(4) "Harm scale" means a systematic method of designating a patient's level of harm that includes:
(a) unsafe conditions;
(b) near miss;
(c) no harm;
(d) additional monitoring or treatment to prevent harm;
(e) temporary harm requiring intervention;
(f) temporary harm requiring hospitalization;
(g) permanent patient harm;
(h) intervention to sustain life; or
(i) patient death.
(5) "Healthcare Provider" means any healthcare provider who uses sedation or anesthesia and is located in any outpatient location, including office settings, urgent care facilities, dental offices, and podiatry offices.
(6) "Levels of sedation" means physiologic states that are induced through the administration of medication by any route as established with standards associated with differing level of sedation set out in 42 CFR Subsection 482.51(b)(5). These interpretive guidelines are the expected standards of practice, unless otherwise specified by the individual practitioner's scope of practice as defined in Title 58, Chapter 67-502(5) Utah Medical Practice Act.
(7) "Near miss" means stopping or aborting a procedure for the safety of the patient.
(8) "Unprofessional Conduct" is defined in statute for each Utah Department of Professional licensure category in Sections 58-5a-502, 58-31b-502.5, 58-67-502.5, 58-68-502.5, and 58-69-502.5.


Utah Admin. Code R429-3-2
Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2021-17, effective 8/18/2021

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