Utah Admin. Code R539-12-6 - Budget Neutral Change

(1) A support coordinator may make a budget neutral change to a person-centered budget without review by a voting committee member.
(a) A support coordinator may not adjust the following services in a budget neutral change, except as described in Subsections R539-12-6(2) and R539-12-6(3):
(i) a restricted service code;
(ii) a service code that requires completion of an individualized budget worksheet to determine the daily rate; or
(iii) a service code for which any other agency pays the state match rate as defined in Section R539-1-9.
(b) The support coordinator must review each criteria, justification, and documentation requirement for each service before making a need based change.
(c) A budget neutral change requires that it be fully funded within the plan total for the plan cycle.
(d) A budget neutral change must maintain the integrity of the person-centered support plan as a whole.
(e) The support coordinator shall document any budget neutral change in the person-centered support plan and the division case management system. The support coordinator must:
(i) update the budget, goal, support, and service;
(ii) document the person's and person-centered planning team's involvement in the service change;
(iii) document any justification for a service change in a log note in USTEPS; and
(iv) include the date of a related log note in the addendum to the person-centered support plan.
(2) If the day program daily rate is sufficient to cover the extended living services (ELS) daily rate as defined in the contract, a support coordinator may move the dollar value of the units not used in the day program to fund additional days of ELS.
(a) The ELS exception may be used if the person does not attend the day program:
(i) because of illness or any other unforeseen issue; and
(ii) the person uses a residential service.
(b) The support coordinator must document use of the standard 16 days of ELS built into the individualized budget worksheet for a residential service before requesting additional ELS funding.
(3) A support coordinator may adjust the absentee days for the residential habilitation service (RHS) by contacting a division budget specialist.
(a) The change to absentee days must not increase the overall cost of RHS.
(b) A division budget specialist may make an adjustment to absentee days if the described use of the absentee days complies with:
(i) federal and state law related to Medicaid;
(ii) the state implementation plan for the 1915c Medicaid waiver; and
(iii) each scope of work and service description requirement in the contract.
(4) The support coordinator shall notify the division of a budget neutral change through noa@utah.gov.


Utah Admin. Code R539-12-6
Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-07, effective 3/25/2022

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