R657-41-5 - Applying for Conservation Permits

R657-41-5. Applying for Conservation Permits


(a) Applications to participate in the multi-year conservation permit program will be accepted on a three-year application cycle uniformly applicable to all conservation organizations.

(b) A conservation organization wishing to apply for multi-year conservation permits must submit a complete application to the division by August 15 of third year of the application cycle.

(c) Conservation organizations wishing to apply for one year conservation permits must do so by August 15 annually.

(d) Only one application per conservation organization may be submitted.

(e) Multiple chapters of the same conservation organization may not apply individually.

(f) Conservation organizations may apply for single year conservation permits or multi-year conservation permits. They may not apply for both types of conservation permits.

(2) Each application must include:

(a) the name, address and telephone number of the conservation organization;

(b) a copy of the conservation organization's mission statement;

(c) verification of the conservation organization's tax -exempt status under 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c)(3), as amended; and

(d) the name of the president or other individual responsible for the administrative operations of the conservation organization;

(3) If applying for single year conservation permits, a conservation organization must also include in its application:

(a) the proposed bid amount for each permit requested. The proposed bid amount is the revenue the organization anticipates will be raised from auctioning a permit;

(b) certification that there are no conflicts of interest or collusion in submitting bids, as prohibited in R657-41-4(3);

(c) acknowledgement that the conservation organization recognizes that falsely certifying the absence of collusion may result in cancellation of permits, administrative action under R657-41-13, disqualification from bidding for five years or more, or the filing of criminal charges; and

(d) evidence that the application and bid has been approved by the board of directors or other necessary authority from the bidding conservation organization; and

(e) a certification from the applicant that they have not consulted with any other participating conservation organization regarding the conservation permits they intend to acquire.

(4) An application that is incomplete or completed incorrectly may be rejected.

(5) The application of a conservation organization for conservation permits may be denied by the division for:

(a) failing to fully and accurately report on the preceding year's conservation permits;

(b) violating any provision of this rule, Title 23 of the Utah Code, Title R657 of the Utah Administrative Code, a division guidebook, or an order of the Wildlife Board; or

(c) violating any other law that bears a reasonable relationship to the applicant's ability to responsibly and lawfully handle conservation permits pursuant to this rule.

(6) Application denials may be appealed to the division director prior to the permit selection process described in R657-41-7.

(Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2016-24, effective 11/28/2016 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2018-17, effective 8/9/2018 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2019-16, effective 7/22/2019)

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