TITLE R657 - Wildlife Resources (R657-2-1 to R657-71-6)

  1. RULE R657-2 - Adjudicative Proceedings (R657-2-1 to R657-2-24)
  2. RULE R657-3 - Collection, Importation, Transportation, and Possession of Animals (R657-3-1 to R657-3-37)
  3. RULE R657-4 - Possession of Live Game Birds (R657-4-1 to R657-4-9)
  4. RULE R657-5 - Taking Big Game (R657-5-1 to R657-5-50)
  5. RULE R657-6 - Taking Upland Game (R657-6-1 to R657-6-25)
  6. RULE R657-9 - Taking Waterfowl, Wilson's Snipe and Coot (R657-9-1 to R657-9-34)
  7. RULE R657-10 - Taking Cougar (R657-10-1 to R657-10-33)
  8. RULE R657-11 - Taking Furbearers and Trapping (R657-11-1 to R657-11-33)
  9. RULE R657-12 - Hunting and Fishing Accommodations for People With Disabilities (R657-12-1 to R657-12-11)
  10. RULE R657-13 - Taking Fish and Crayfish (R657-13-1 to R657-13-21)
  11. RULE R657-14 - Commercial Harvesting of Protected Aquatic Wildlife (R657-14-1 to R657-14-14)
  12. RULE R657-15 - Closure of Gunnison, Cub and Hat Islands (R657-15-1 to R657-15-2)
  13. RULE R657-16 - Aquaculture and Fish Stocking (Repealed) (R657-16-1 to R657-16-14)
  14. RULE R657-17 - Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License (R657-17-1 to R657-17-8)
  15. RULE R657-19 - Taking Nongame Mammals (R657-19-1 to R657-19-11)
  16. RULE R657-20 - Falconry (R657-20-1 to R657-20-28)
  17. RULE R657-21 - Cooperative Wildlife Management Units for Small Game and Waterfowl (R657-21-1 to R657-21-12)
  18. RULE R657-22 - Commercial Hunting Areas (R657-22-1 to R657-22-19)
  19. RULE R657-23 - Utah Hunter Education Program (R657-23-1 to R657-23-6)
  20. RULE R657-24 - Compensation for Mountain Lion, Bear, Wolf or Eagle Damage (R657-24-1 to R657-24-3)
  21. RULE R657-26 - Adjudicative Proceedings for a License, Permit, or Certificate of Registration (R657-26-1 to R657-26-9)
  22. RULE R657-27 - License Agent Procedures (R657-27-1 to R657-27-16)
  23. RULE R657-28 - Use of Division Lands (R657-28-1 to R657-28-30)
  24. RULE R657-29 - Government Records Access Management Act (R657-29-1 to R657-29-10)
  25. RULE R657-30 - Fishing License for the Terminally Ill (R657-30-1 to R657-30-2)
  26. RULE R657-33 - Taking Bear (R657-33-1 to R657-33-37)
  27. RULE R657-34 - Procedures for Confirmation of Ordinances on Hunting Closures (R657-34-1 to R657-34-4)
  28. RULE R657-37 - Cooperative Wildlife Management Units for Big Game or Turkey (R657-37-1 to R657-37-15)
  29. RULE R657-38 - Dedicated Hunter Program (R657-38-1 to R657-38-15)
  30. RULE R657-39 - Wildlife Board and Regional Advisory Councils (R657-39-1 to R657-39-7)
  31. RULE R657-40 - Wildlife Rehabilitation (R657-40-1 to R657-40-16)
  32. RULE R657-41 - Conservation and Sportsman Permits (R657-41-1 to R657-41-13)
  33. RULE R657-42 - Fees, Exchanges, Surrenders, Refunds and Reallocation of Wildlife Documents (R657-42-1 to R657-42-11)
  34. RULE R657-43 - Landowner Permits (R657-43-1 to R657-43-12)
  35. RULE R657-44 - Big Game Depredation (R657-44-1 to R657-44-11)
  36. RULE R657-45 - Wildlife License, Permit, and Certificate of Registration Forms and Terms (R657-45-1 to R657-45-4)
  37. RULE R657-46 - The Use of Game Birds in Dog Field Trials and Training (R657-46-1 to R657-46-6)
  38. RULE R657-48 - [Repealed] (R657-48-1 to R657-48-9)
  39. RULE R657-50 - Error Remedy (R657-50-1 to R657-50-9)
  40. RULE R657-51 - Poaching-Reported Reward Permits (R657-51-1 to R657-51-7)
  41. RULE R657-52 - Commercial Harvesting of Brine Shrimp and Brine Shrimp Eggs (R657-52-1 to R657-52-19)
  42. RULE R657-53 - Amphibian and Reptile Collection, Importation, Transportation and Possession (R657-53-1 to R657-53-28)
  43. RULE R657-54 - Taking Wild Turkey (R657-54-1 to R657-54-20)
  44. RULE R657-55 - Wildlife Expo Permits (R657-55-1 to R657-55-10)
  45. RULE R657-56 - Recreational Lease of Private Lands for Free Public Walk-in Access (R657-56-1 to R657-56-16)
  46. RULE R657-57 - Division Variance Rule (R657-57-1 to R657-57-15)
  47. RULE R657-58 - Fishing Contests and Clinics (R657-58-1 to R657-58-4)
  48. RULE R657-59 - Private Fish Ponds, Short Term Fishing Events, Private Fish Stocking, and Institutional Aquaculture (R657-59-1 to R657-59-17)
  49. RULE R657-60 - Aquatic Invasive Species Interdiction (R657-60-1 to R657-60-13)
  50. RULE R657-61 - Valuation of Real Property Interests for Purposes of Acquisition or Disposal (R657-61-1 to R657-61-4)
  51. RULE R657-62 - Drawing Application Procedures (R657-62-1 to R657-62-26)
  52. RULE R657-63 - Self Defense Against Wild Animals (R657-63-1 to R657-63-4)
  53. RULE R657-64 - Predator Control Incentives (R657-64-1 to R657-64-11)
  54. RULE R657-65 - Urban Deer Control (R657-65-1 to R657-65-8)
  55. RULE R657-66 - Military Installation Permit Program (R657-66-1 to R657-66-7)
  56. RULE R657-67 - Utah Hunter Mentoring Program (R657-67-1 to R657-67-6)
  57. RULE R657-68 - Trial Hunting Authorization (R657-68-1 to R657-68-7)
  58. RULE R657-69 - Turkey Depredation (R657-69-1 to R657-69-10)
  59. RULE R657-70 - [Repealed] (R657-70-1 to R657-70-16)
  60. RULE R657-71 - Removal of Wild Deer from Domesticated Elk Facilities (R657-71-1 to R657-71-6)

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