Utah Admin. Code R70-320-15 - Personnel Cleanliness and Health

(1) Cleanliness.
(a) Plant employees shall wash their hands before beginning work and upon returning to work after using toilet facilities, eating, smoking, or otherwise soiling their hands.
(b) Plant employees shall keep their hands clean and follow good hygienic practices while on duty.
(c) Expectorating or use of tobacco in any form shall be prohibited in rooms and compartments where milk or dairy products are unpacked or exposed.
(d) Clean white or light colored washable outer garments and caps, paper caps or hairnets are acceptable, shall be worn by each person engaged in handling milk or dairy products.
(2) Health.
(a) No person afflicted with a communicable disease shall be permitted in any room or compartment where milk or dairy products are prepared, processed, or otherwise handled.
(b) No person who has a discharging or infected wound or sore, or lesion on hands, arm or other exposed portions of the body shall work in any plant processing or packaging rooms or in any capacity resulting in contact with milk or dairy products including dairy farms and bulk milk haulers.
(c) An employee returning to work after illness from a communicable disease shall have a certificate from the employee's attending physician to establish proof of complete recovery.


Utah Admin. Code R70-320-15
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-16, effective 8/8/2022

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