Utah Admin. Code R70-320-16 - Transportation of Milk

(1) Vehicles used for the transportation of milk shall be of the enclosed type, constructed and operated to protect the product from extreme temperatures, dust, or other adverse conditions, and they shall be kept clean.
(2) Transport Trucks.
(a) Construction.
(i) Transport tanks shall be stainless steel lined and so constructed that the lining will not buckle, sag, or prevent complete drainage.
(ii) Each milk contact surface shall be smooth, easily cleaned, and maintained in good repair.
(iii) The pump and hose cabinet shall be fully enclosed with tight-fitting doors.
(iv) New and replacement transport tanks shall meet the applicable 3-A sanitary standards and accepted practice.
(b) Transfer of Milk to a Transport Tank.
(i) Milk shall be transferred from farm bulk tanks to transport tanks through stainless steel piping or approved tubing under sanitary conditions.
(ii) Sanitary piping and tubing used to transfer from farm bulk tanks to transport tanks shall be clean and capped when not in use.
(c) Cleaning and Sanitizing.
(i) A covered or enclosed washing dock and other facilities shall be available for any plants that receive or ship milk in tanks.
(ii) Milk transport tanks, sanitary piping, fittings, and pumps shall be cleaned and sanitized at least once each day, after use; provided that, if they are not to be used immediately after emptying a load of milk, they shall be washed promptly after use and given bactericidal treatment immediately before use.
(iii) When a milk tank truck has been cleaned and sanitized as required by the department, it shall bear a tag, or a record shall be made showing the date, time, place, and signature of the employee or contract hauler doing the work unless the truck delivers to only one receiving unit where responsibility for cleaning and sanitizing can be definitely established without tagging. The tag shall not be removed until the tank is again washed and sanitized.
(d) Transportation Trucks, Tanks, and Accessories.

The transportation truck, tank and accessories shall be used for no other purpose than the handling of milk unless the use is approved by the department.


Utah Admin. Code R70-320-16
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-16, effective 8/8/2022

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