TITLE R380 - Administration (R380-1-1 to R380-412-3)

  1. RULE R380-1 - Petitions for Department Declaratory Orders (R380-1-1 to R380-1-5)
  2. RULE R380-5 - Petitions for Declaratory Orders on Orders Issued by Committees (R380-5-1 to R380-5-5)
  3. RULE R380-10 - Informal Adjudicative Proceedings (R380-10-1 to R380-10-9)
  4. RULE R380-20 - Government Records Access and Management (R380-20-1 to R380-20-3)
  5. RULE R380-25 - Submission of Data Through an Electronic Data Interchange (R380-25-1 to R380-25-4)
  6. RULE R380-40 - Local Health Department Minimum Performance Standards (R380-40-1 to R380-40-10)
  7. RULE R380-41 - Governance Committee Electronic Meetings (R380-41-1 to R380-41-6)
  8. RULE R380-42 - Open and Public Meetings Act Electronic Meetings (R380-42-1 to R380-42-6)
  9. RULE R380-50 - Local Health Department Funding Allocation Formula (R380-50-1 to R380-50-4)
  10. RULE R380-60 - Local Health Department Emergency Protocols (R380-60-1 to R380-60-7)
  11. RULE R380-70 - Standards for Electronic Exchange of Clinical Health Information (R380-70-1 to R380-70-7)
  12. RULE R380-77 - Coordination of Patient Identification and Validation Services (R380-77-1 to R380-77-3)
  13. RULE R380-100 - Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Procedures (R380-100-1 to R380-100-8)
  14. RULE R380-200 - Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement Program (PSSIP) (R380-200-1 to R380-200-10)
  15. RULE R380-210 - Health Care Facility Patient Safety Program (R380-210-1 to R380-210-6)
  16. RULE R380-250 - HIPAA Privacy Rule Implementation (R380-250-1 to R380-250-12)
  17. RULE R380-300 - Employee Background Screening (R380-300-1 to R380-300-7)
  18. RULE R380-400 - Utah Medical Cannabis Act Rule (R380-400-1 to R380-400-8)
  19. RULE R380-401 - Electronic Verification System and Inventory Control System (R380-401-1 to R380-401-5)
  20. RULE R380-402 - Medical Cannabis Cards (R380-402-1 to R380-402-3)
  21. RULE R380-403 - Qualified Medical Providers (R380-403-1 to R380-403-5)
  22. RULE R380-404 - Dosing Parameters (R380-404-1 to R380-404-2)
  23. RULE R380-405 - Pharmacy Medical Providers (R380-405-1 to R380-405-5)
  24. RULE R380-406 - Medical Cannabis Pharmacy (R380-406-1 to R380-406-14)
  25. RULE R380-407 - Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Agent (R380-407-1 to R380-407-5)
  26. RULE R380-408 - Home Delivery and Courier (R380-408-1 to R380-408-6)
  27. RULE R380-409 - State Central Patient Portal (R380-409-1 to R380-409-2)
  28. RULE R380-410 - Agreement with a Tribe (R380-410-1 to R380-410-4)
  29. RULE R380-411 - Administrative Hearing Procedures (R380-411-1 to R380-411-14)
  30. RULE R380-412 - Compassionate Use Board (R380-412-1 to R380-412-3)

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