Title R436 - Center for Health Data, Vital Records and Statistics

  1. Rule R436-1 - Duties of the Department of Health (§ R436-1-1 to R436-1-5)
  2. Rule R436-2 - Infants of Unknown Parentage; Foundling Registration (§ R436-2-1 to R436-2-5)
  3. Rule R436-3 - Amendment of Vital Records (§ R436-3-1 to R436-3-8)
  4. Rule R436-4 - Delayed Registration of Birth (§ R436-4-1 to R436-4-11)
  5. Rule R436-5 - New Birth Certificate After Legitimation, Court Determination of Paternity, or Adoption (§ R436-5-1 to R436-5-7)
  6. Rule R436-6 - Delayed Registration of Birth or Death (Repealed) (§ R436-6-1 to R436-6-2)
  7. Rule R436-7 - Death Registration (§ R436-7-1 to R436-7-2)
  8. Rule R436-8 - Authorization for Final Disposition of Deceased Persons (§ R436-8-1 to R436-8-5)
  9. Rule R436-9 - Persons and Institutions Required to Keep Monthly Listings of Vital Statistics Events (§ R436-9-1 to R436-9-2)
  10. Rule R436-10 - Death Registration (§ R436-10-1 to R436-10-2)
  11. Rule R436-12 - Certified Copies of Vital Statistics Records (§ R436-12-1 to R436-12-2)
  12. Rule R436-13 - Disclosure of Records (§ R436-13-1 to R436-13-3)
  13. Rule R436-14 - Copies of Data From Vital Records (§ R436-14-1 to R436-14-2)
  14. Rule R436-15 - Fees (§ R436-15-1)
  15. Rule R436-16 - Violation of Rules (§ R436-16-1)
  16. Rule R436-17 - Review and Approval of Research Requests (§ R436-17-1 to R436-17-5)
  17. Rule R436-18 - Adoption Program Procedures, Form Content, and Donations (§ R436-18-1 to R436-18-7)
  18. Rule R436-19 - Abortion Reporting (§ R436-19-1 to R436-19-2)
  19. Rule R436-55 - Hemp Extract Registration (Repealed) (§ R436-55-1 to R436-55-10)

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