TITLE R746 - Administration (R746-1-101 to R746-700-51)

  1. RULE R746-1 - Public Service Commission Administrative Procedures Act Rule (R746-1-101 to R746-1-801)
  2. RULE R746-8 - Utah Universal Public Telecommunications Service Support Fund (UUSF) (R746-8-100 to R746-8-405a)
  3. RULE R746-100 - Practice and Procedures Governing Formal Hearings (Repealed) (R746-100-1 to R746-100-16)
  4. RULE R746-101 - Statement of Rule for the Filing and Disposition of Petitions for Declaratory Rulings (R746-101-1 to R746-101-4)
  5. RULE R746-110 - Uncontested Matters to be Adjudicated Informally (R746-110-1 to R746-110-3)
  6. RULE R746-200 - Residential Utility Service Rules for Electric, Gas, Water, and Sewer Utilities (R746-200-1 to R746-200-10)
  7. RULE R746-210 - Utility Service Rules Applicable Only to Electric Utilities (R746-210-1 to R746-210-5)
  8. RULE R746-240 - Telecommunication Service Rules (R746-240-1 to R746-240-8)
  9. RULE R746-310 - Uniform Rules Governing Electricity Service by Electric Utilities (R746-310-1 to R746-310-10)
  10. RULE R746-312 - Electrical Interconnection (R746-312-1 to R746-312-17)
  11. RULE R746-313 - Electrical Service Reliability (R746-313-1 to R746-313-8)
  12. RULE R746-314 - Rules Governing the Community Renewable Energy Program (R746-314-101 to R746-314-402)
  13. RULE R746-315 - Wildland Fire Protection Plans (R746-315-1 to R746-315-3)
  14. RULE R746-320 - Uniform Rules Governing Natural Gas Service (R746-320-1 to R746-320-9)
  15. RULE R746-330 - Rules for Water and Sewer Utilities Operating in Utah (R746-330-1 to R746-330-6)
  16. RULE R746-332 - Depreciation Rates for Water Utilities (R746-332-1)
  17. RULE R746-340 - Service Quality for Telecommunications Corporations (R746-340-1 to R746-340-7)
  18. RULE R746-341 - Lifeline Rule (Repealed) (R746-341-1 to R746-341-10)
  19. RULE R746-343 - Rule for Deaf, Severely Hearing or Speech Impaired Person (Repealed) (R746-343-1 to R746-343-16)
  20. RULE R746-344 - Filing Requirements for Telephone Corporations With Less Than 5,000 Access Line Subscribers (R746-344-1 to R746-344-8)
  21. RULE R746-345 - Pole Attachments (R746-345-1 to R746-345-6)
  22. RULE R746-346 - Operator-Assisted Services (R746-346-1 to R746-346-10)
  23. RULE R746-347 - Extended Area Service (EAS) (R746-347-1 to R746-347-8)
  24. RULE R746-348 - Interconnection (R746-348-1 to R746-348-7)
  25. RULE R746-349 - Competitive Entry and Reporting Requirements (R746-349-1 to R746-349-9)
  26. RULE R746-350 - Application to Discontinue Telecommunications Service (R746-350-1 to R746-350-5)
  27. RULE R746-351 - Pricing Flexibility (R746-351-1 to R746-351-4)
  28. RULE R746-356 - Intrastate (IntraLATA) Equal Access To Toll Calling Services By Telecommunications Carriers (R746-356-1 to R746-356-8)
  29. RULE R746-360 - Universal Public Telecommunications Service Support Fund (Repealed) (R746-360-1 to R746-360-11)
  30. RULE R746-365 - Intercarrier Service Quality (R746-365-1 to R746-365-7)
  31. RULE R746-400 - Public Utility Reports (R746-400-1 to R746-400-7)
  32. RULE R746-401 - Reporting of Construction, Purchase, Acquisition, Sale, Transfer or Disposition of Assets (R746-401-1 to R746-401-4)
  33. RULE R746-402 - Rules Governing Reports of Accidents by Electric, Gas, Telephone, and Water Utilities (R746-402-1)
  34. RULE R746-404 - Regulation of Promotional Programs of Electric and Gas Public Utilities (R746-404-1 to R746-404-3)
  35. RULE R746-405 - Filing of Tariffs for Gas, Electric, Telephone, and Water Utilities (R746-405-1 to R746-405-2)
  36. RULE R746-406 - Advertising by Electric and Gas Utilities (R746-406-1)
  37. RULE R746-407 - Annualization of Test-year Data (R746-407-1 to R746-407-3)
  38. RULE R746-409 - Pipeline Safety (R746-409-1 to R746-409-8)
  39. RULE R746-420 - Requests for Approval of a Solicitation Process (R746-420-1 to R746-420-6)
  40. RULE R746-430 - Procedural and Informational Requirements for Action Plans, for an Approval of a Significant Energy Resource, for Determination of Whether to Proceed, and for Waivers of a Solicitation Process or of an Approval of a Significant Energy Resource (R746-430-1 to R746-430-4)
  41. RULE R746-440 - Voluntary Resource Decision (R746-440-1 to R746-440-3)
  42. RULE R746-450 - Procedural and Informational Requirements for Solar Resource Solicitations and Acquisitions (R746-450-1 to R746-450-5)
  43. RULE R746-460 - Rules Governing Customer Information and Marketing for Large-Scale Electric and Gas Utilities (R746-460-1 to R746-460-4)
  44. RULE R746-500 - Americans With Disabilities Act Complaint Procedure (R746-500-1 to R746-500-8)
  45. RULE R746-510 - Funding for Speech and Hearing Impaired Certified Interpreter Training (R746-510-1 to R746-510-10)
  46. RULE R746-600 - Postretirement Benefits other than Pensions (R746-600-1)
  47. RULE R746-700 - Complete Filings for General Rate Case and Major Plant Addition Applications (R746-700-1 to R746-700-51)

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