CHAPTER 296-150C - Commercial coaches (296-150C-0010 to 296-150C-3000)

  1. 296-150C-0010 - Authority, purpose, and scope
  2. 296-150C-0020 - What definitions apply to this chapter?
  3. 296-150C-0030 - How is this chapter enforced?
  4. 296-150C-0040 - Will you keep my manufacturing information confidential?
  5. 296-150C-0050 - Can you prohibit the sale or lease of my commercial coach?
  6. 296-150C-0060 - Who handles consumer complaints about commercial coaches?
  7. 296-150C-0070 - Do you have reciprocal agreements with other states to inspect commercial coaches?
  8. 296-150C-0080 - Do you allow a local enforcement agency to inspect commercial coaches at the manufacturing location?
  9. 296-150C-0100 - What happens if I disagree with your decision regarding my compliance with this chapter?
  10. 296-150C-0110 - Do you have an advisory board to address commercial coach issues?
  11. 296-150C-0120 - Where can I obtain technical assistance regarding commercial coaches?
  12. 296-150C-0140 - Do you allow the use of alternate materials, alternate design and method of construction?
  13. 296-150C-0150 - How does the department regulate commercial coaches that are used as medical units as defined in chapter 296-150V WAC?
  14. INSIGNIA - (296-150C-0200 to 296-150C-0250)
  15. DESIGN PLAN - (296-150C-0300 to 296-150C-0310)
  16. DESIGN-PLAN APPROVAL BY THE DEPARTMENT - (296-150C-0320 to 296-150C-0415)
  18. INSPECTIONS PRIOR TO ISSUANCE OF AN INSIGNIA - (296-150C-0500 to 296-150C-0560)
  19. USED COMMERCIAL COACHES WITHOUT AN INSIGNIA - (296-150C-0580 to 296-150C-0590)
  20. MANUFACTURER'S NOTICE TO THE DEPARTMENT - (296-150C-0700 to 296-150C-0720)
  21. COMMERCIAL COACH CONSTRUCTION CODE - (296-150C-0800 to 296-150C-0810)
  22. STRUCTURAL - (296-150C-0820 to 296-150C-0930)
  23. CONSTRUCTION - (296-150C-0940 to 296-150C-1080)
  24. MATERIALS - (296-150C-1090 to 296-150C-1210)
  25. ELECTRICAL - (296-150C-1220 to 296-150C-1320)
  26. MECHANICAL - (296-150C-1330 to 296-150C-1460)
  27. VENTILATION AND INDOOR AIR QUALITY - (296-150C-1470 to 296-150C-1520)
  28. PLUMBING - (296-150C-1530 to 296-150C-1570)
  29. COMMERCIAL COACH FEES - (296-150C-3000)

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