TOPN: Accounting and Auditing Act of 1950

Accounting and Auditing Act of 1950

64 Stat. 834, ch. 946
title I, part II (Sec. 110 et seq.)
this act refers to only a portion of the Statute; the tables below are for the entire Statute
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
101Rev. T.312
301(72)Rev. T.31656
301(82)31687 nt
301(86)Rev. T.31624
301(87), (90), (92)Rev. T.5
118c, 730, 785
301(94)Rev. T.101597
32 CFR
301(100)Rev. T.31719
301(102)Rev. T.34504
301(103)Rev. T.39769
302(a)Rev. T.31
11 nt, 54 nt
203Rev. T.31581c-1
201, 202Rev. T.31
581b, 581c
124Rev. T.3168d
102(a)–(d)Rev. T.31
11, 14, 581, 581a
102(e)–(h)Rev. T.31
16, 22-24
103Rev. T.3118b
104, 105Rev. T.31
18a, 347
106Rev. T.3118c
110–117Rev. T.31
65 nt, 65, 66-66d, 67
118, 119Rev. T.31
65a, 65b
120Rev. T.3168
121Rev. T.3168a
122Rev. T.3168b
123Rev. T.3168c
302(b)Rev. T.3152 nt