TOPN: Administrative Expenses Act of 1946

Administrative Expenses Act of 1946

60 Stat. 806, ch. 744
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
1Rev. T.573b-1
14Rev. T.5116a
15Rev. T.555a
16(a)Rev. T.31638a
16(b)Rev. T.577
17(b)Rev. T.44321
17(c)Rev. T.343
18Rev. T.415a
19Rev. T.5573a nt
20Rev. T.5573b-1 nt
21Rev. T.5573b-1 nt
12, 13Rev. T.5
22a, 118g
11Rev. T.31529
2Rev. T.5189b
19 CFR
3Rev. T.5
67a, 73a
4Rev. T.5823 nt
5Rev. T.573b-2
6, 7Rev. T.5
73b, 73b-3
8Rev. T.5118d-1
9(a), (c)Rev. T.415
32 CFR
46 CFR
9(b)Rev. T.415 nt
32 CFR
46 CFR
10Rev. T.595a
22Rev. T.53039