TOPN: Army-Navy Nurses Act of 1947

Army-Navy Nurses Act of 1947

61 Stat. 41, ch. 38
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
101–113Rev. T.10166-166l
213(e), (f)Rev. T.37
102, 113
213(d)Rev. T.34853b
211, 212Rev. T.34
43j, 43k
210Rev. T.34858-858c
206(e), 207–209Rev. T.3443f-43i
206(c), (d)Rev. T.34
348b, 348o
201–206(a), (b)Rev. T.3443-43e
114–116Rev. T.10374-376
214Rev. T.3443l