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Buy American Act

47 Stat. 1520, ch. 212
title III
this act refers to only a portion of the Statute; the tables below are for the entire Statute
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
19Rev. T.28283a
1Rev. T.353
1I.R.C. '39
1Rev. T.31767b
1Rev. T.40313
1Rev. T.5249
1Rev. T.4110c
2Rev. T.4110a
3Rev. T.4110b
4Rev. T.4110b-1
4Rev. T.4110c nt
5Rev. T.4110c nt
1Rev. T.40
25, 284
1Rev. T.4030a
1Rev. T.39
9, 813
17Rev. T.5651b
16Rev. T.5124-132
15Rev. T.40278a
14I.R.C. '39
13Rev. T.31227
12Rev. T.34450
12Rev. T.1017a
11Rev. T.526b
9, 10Rev. T.5
73a, 73b
8Rev. T.5
692c, 715b
5, 6Rev. T.5673 nt
1Rev. T.39805
741101 nt