TOPN: Civil Service Retirement Act

Civil Service Retirement Act

70 Stat. 743, ch. 349
as added July 31, 1956, ch. 804, title IV,Sec 401
this act refers to only a portion of the Statute; the tables below are for the entire Statute
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
1Rev. T.5
691, 691a
10Rev. T.52260
11Rev. T.5
701a, 720
11Rev. T.52261
12Rev. T.5
702a, 724
12Rev. T.52262
13Rev. T.5
703a, 716, 718a, 725
13Rev. T.52263
14Rev. T.5704a
14Rev. T.52264
15Rev. T.5
705a, 727
15Rev. T.52265
16Rev. T.5
706a, 731
16Rev. T.52266
17Rev. T.5
707a, 709, 728, 729a, 730
17Rev. T.52267
18Rev. T.5
708a, 729
18Rev. T.52268
10Rev. T.5
700a, 719, 719-1, 721, 722
9Rev. T.52259
9Rev. T.5
699a, 736b
1Rev. T.52251
2Rev. T.5
692a, 715
2Rev. T.52252
3Rev. T.5
693, 693a
3Rev. T.52253
3ARev. T.5693-1
4Rev. T.5
694, 698, 706
4Rev. T.52254
5Rev. T.5
695a, 707
5Rev. T.52255
6Rev. T.5
696a, 710, 711-714
6Rev. T.5
2256, 2257 nt
7Rev. T.5
697a, 733
7Rev. T.5
735, 736
7Rev. T.52257
8Rev. T.5698a
8Rev. T.52258
19Rev. T.52251 nt