TOPN: Federal Judicial Salary Act of 1966

Federal Judicial Salary Act of 1966

Pub. L. 89-504
title II
this act refers to only a portion of the Public Law; the tables below are for the entire Public Law
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
701Rep.51113 nt
405(c)–(e)Rev. T.5
921a, 926
405(b)Rev. T.5922
404(a)–(c)Rev. T.5
911, 912, 926
403Rev. T.393542
402(b)Rev. T.393552
402(a)Elim.393552 nt
401Rev. T.393551
303, 304Elim.260e-13 nts
405(f)Rev. T.5673c
406(a), (b)Rev. T.5
2095, 3006
603Rep.53001 nt
601, 602Rev. T.5
3001, 3006
509Rep.52267 nt
508Rep.52251 nt
502–507Rev. T.5
2251, 2253, 2256, 2259, 2260, 2268
501Rep.52251 nt
410Rep.393551 nt
408Rev. T.52211
407Rev. T.5
2131, 2134
406(c)Rep.52095 nt
302(g), (h)260a-1 nt
302(f)261-1 nt
10716590h nt
106(c)Elim.22867 nt
106(a), (b)Rep.22
867, 870
20 CFR
104(d)Elim.393542 nt
104(a)–(c)Rev. T.393542-3544
103Rev. T.51131
102(b)Rep.51113 nt
102(a)Rev. T.51113
101Rep.51113 nt
108(a)28548 nt
108(b)–(d)Rep.51113 nt
302(d)Rev. T.5932i
302(a), (b)Elim.260e-13
301Elim.260e-13 nt
20328603 nt
202(c)28753 nt
202(b)28604 nt
202(a)28603 nt
201281 nt
109Rep.51113 nt
1Rep.51113 nt