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10 U.S. Code § 1079c - Provisional coverage for emerging services and supplies

(a) Provisional Coverage.—
In carrying out the TRICARE program, including pursuant to section 1079(a)(12) of this title, the Secretary of Defense, acting through the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, may provide provisional coverage for the provision of a service or supply if the Secretary determines that such service or supply is widely recognized in the United States as being safe and effective.
(b) Consideration of Evidence.—In making a determination under subsection (a), the Secretary may consider—
clinical trials published in refereed medical literature;
formal technology assessments;
the positions of national medical policy organizations;
national professional associations;
national expert opinion organizations; and
such other validated evidence as the Secretary considers appropriate.
(c) Independent Evaluation.—
In making a determination under subsection (a), the Secretary may arrange for an evaluation from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies or such other independent entity as the Secretary selects.
(d) Duration and Terms of Coverage.—
Provisional coverage under subsection (a) for a service or supply may be in effect for not longer than a total of five years.
Prior to the expiration of provisional coverage of a service or supply, the Secretary shall determine the coverage, if any, that will follow such provisional coverage and take appropriate action to implement such determination. If the Secretary determines that the implementation of such determination regarding coverage requires legislative action, the Secretary shall make a timely recommendation to Congress regarding such legislative action.
(3) The Secretary, at any time, may—
terminate the provisional coverage under subsection (a) of a service or supply, regardless of whether such termination is before the end of the period described in paragraph (1);
establish or disestablish terms and conditions for such coverage; or
take any other action with respect to such coverage.
(e) Public Notice.—
The Secretary shall promptly publish on a publicly accessible Internet website of the TRICARE program a notice for each service or supply that receives provisional coverage under subsection (a), including any terms and conditions for such coverage.
(f) Finality of Determinations.—
Any determination to approve or disapprove a service or supply under subsection (a) and any action made under subsection (d)(3) shall be final.