10 U.S. Code § 127c - Purchase of weapons overseas: force protection

(a) Authority.—
When elements of the armed forces are engaged in ongoing military operations in a country, the Secretary of Defense may, for the purpose of protecting United States forces in that country, purchase weapons from any foreign person, foreign government, international organization, or other entity located in that country.
(b) Limitation.—
The total amount expended during any fiscal year for purchases under this section may not exceed $15,000,000.
(c) Semiannual Congressional Report.—In any case in which the authority provided in subsection (a) is used during the period of the first six months of a fiscal year, or during the period of the second six months of a fiscal year, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate and Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives a report on the use of that authority during that six-month period. Each such report shall be submitted not later than 30 days after the end of the six-month period during which the authority is used. Each such report shall include the following:
The number and type of weapons purchased under subsection (a) during that six-month period covered by the report, together with the amount spent for those weapons and the Secretary’s estimate of the fair market value of those weapons.
A description of the dispositions (if any) during that six-month period of weapons purchased under subsection (a).
Editorial Notes

Another section 127c was renumbered section 127d of this title prior to being renumbered section 331 of this title.

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