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10 U.S. Code § 2013 - Training at non-Government facilities

(a) Authority To Enter Into Agreements.—
The Secretary concerned, without regard to section 6101 of title 41, may make agreements or other arrangements for the training of members of the uniformed services under the jurisdiction of that Secretary by, in, or through non-Government facilities.
(2) In this section, the term “non-Government facility” means any of the following:
The government of a State or of a territory or possession of the United States, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an interstate governmental organization, and a unit, subdivision, or instrumentality of any of the foregoing.
A foreign government or international organization, or instrumentality of either, which is designated by the President as eligible to provide training under this section.
A medical, scientific, technical, educational, research, or professional institution, foundation, or organization.
A business, commercial, or industrial firm, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, or other organization.
Individuals other than civilian or military personnel of the Government.
The services and property of any of the foregoing providing the training.
(b) Expenses.—The Secretary concerned, from appropriations or other funds available to the Secretary, may—
pay all or a part of the pay of a member of a uniformed service who is selected and assigned for training under this section, for the period of training; and
(2) pay, or reimburse the member of a uniformed service for, all or a part of the necessary expenses of the training (without regard to subsections (a) and (b) of section 3324 of title 31), including among those expenses the necessary costs of the following:
Travel and per diem instead of subsistence under sections 405 and 452 of title 37 and the Joint Travel Regulations for the Uniformed Services.
Transportation of immediate family, household goods and personal effects, packing, crating, temporarily storing, draying, and unpacking under sections 452 and 453(c) of title 37 and the Joint Travel Regulations for the Uniformed Services when the estimated costs of transportation and related services are less than the estimated aggregate per diem payments for the period of training.
Tuition and matriculation fees.
Library and laboratory services.
Purchase or rental of books, materials, and supplies.
Other services or facilities directly related to the training of the member.
(c) Certain Expenses Excluded.—
The expenses of training do not include membership fees except to the extent that the fee is a necessary cost directly related to the training itself or that payment of the fee is a condition precedent to undergoing the training.
Editorial Notes

2022—Subsec. (b)(2)(A). Pub. L. 117–263, § 626(c)(6)(A), substituted “sections 405 and 452” for “sections 474 and 475”.

Subsec. (b)(2)(B). Pub. L. 117–263, § 626(c)(6)(B), substituted “sections 452 and 453(c)” for “sections 476 and 479”.

2014—Subsec. (a)(1). Pub. L. 113–291 substituted “section 6101 of title 41” for “section 6101(b)–(d) of title 41”.

2013—Subsec. (b)(2)(A), (B). Pub. L. 112–239, § 1076(a)(9), made technical amendment to directory language of Pub. L. 112–81, § 631(f)(4)(A). See 2011 Amendment note below.

2011—Subsec. (a)(1). Pub. L. 111–350 substituted “section 6101(b)–(d) of title 41” for “section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S.C. 5)”.

Subsec. (b)(2)(A), (B). Pub. L. 112–81, § 631(f)(4)(A), as amended by Pub. L. 112–239, § 1076(a)(9), substituted “474” for “404” and “475” for “405” in subpar. (A), and “476” for “406” and “479” for “409” in subpar. (B).

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 2013 Amendment

Pub. L. 112–239, div. A, title X, § 1076(a), Jan. 2, 2013, 126 Stat. 1947, provided that the amendment made by section 1076(a)(9) is effective Dec. 31, 2011, and as if included in Pub. L. 112–81 as enacted.

Effective Date

Pub. L. 104–201, div. A, title III, § 362(b), Sept. 23, 1996, 110 Stat. 2493, provided that:

Section 2013 of title 10, United States Code, as added by subsection (a), shall take effect on October 1, 1996.”