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10 U.S. Code § 240g - Defense Business Audit Remediation Plan

(a) In General.—The Secretary of Defense shall maintain a plan, to be known as the “Defense Business Systems Audit Remediation Plan”. Such plan shall include a current accounting of the defense business systems of the Department of Defense that will be introduced, replaced, updated, modified, or retired in connection with the audit of the full financial statements of the Department, including a comprehensive roadmap that displays—
in-service, retirement, and other pertinent dates for affected defense business systems;
current cost-to-complete estimates for each affected defense business system;
dependencies both between the various defense business systems and between the introduction, replacement, update, modification, and retirement of such systems;
the amount spent by the Department on operating and maintaining financial management systems during the preceding five fiscal years; and
the amount spent by the Department on acquiring or developing new financial management systems during such five fiscal years.
(b) Report and Briefing Requirements.—
(1) Annual report.—
Not later than June 30, 2020, and annually thereafter, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees an updated report on the Defense Business Systems Audit Remediation Plan under subsection (a).
(2) Semiannual briefings.—
Not later than January 31 and June 30 each year, the Secretary shall provide to the congressional defense committees a briefing on the status of the Defense Business Systems Audit Remediation Plan. Such briefing shall include a description of any updates to the defense business systems roadmap referred to in subsection (a).
(c) Defense Business System.—
In this section, the term “defense business system” has the meaning given such term in section 2222(i)(1)(A) of this title.
Editorial Notes

2021—Subsec. (a)(3). Pub. L. 117–81 substituted a semicolon for “; and” at end.

Subsec. (a)(4), (5). Pub. L. 116–283 added pars. (4) and (5).