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15 U.S. Code § 80a–45 - Reports by Commission; hiring and leasing authority

(a) Omitted
(b) Hiring and leasing authorityThe provisions of section 78d(b) of this title shall be applicable with respect to the power of the Commission—
to appoint and fix the compensation of such employees as may be necessary for carrying out its functions under this subchapter, and
to lease and allocate such real property as may be necessary for carrying out its functions under this subchapter.
(Aug. 22, 1940, ch. 686, title I, § 46, 54 Stat. 845; Oct. 28, 1949, ch. 782, title XI, § 1106(a), 63 Stat. 972; Pub. L. 101–550, title I, § 104(c), Nov. 15, 1990, 104 Stat. 2714.)
Editorial Notes

Subsection (a), which required the Securities and Exchange Commission to submit an annual report to Congress on the work of the Commission, terminated, effective May 15, 2000, pursuant to section 3003 of Pub. L. 104–66, as amended, set out as a note under section 1113 of Title 31, Money and Finance. See, also, page 191 of House Document No. 103–7.


1990—Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 101–550 amended subsec. (b) generally. Prior to amendment, subsec. (b) related to appointment and compensation of employees.

1949—Subsec. (b). Act Oct. 28, 1949, substituted “Classification Act of 1949” for “Classification Act of 1923”.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries

Act Oct. 28, 1949, ch. 782, set out in the credit of this section, was repealed (subject to a savings clause) by Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, § 8, 80 Stat. 632, 655.

Executive Documents
Transfer of Functions

For transfer of functions of Securities and Exchange Commission, with certain exceptions, to Chairman of such Commission, see Reorg. Plan No. 10 of 1950, §§ 1, 2, eff. May 24, 1950, 15 F.R. 3175, 64 Stat. 1265, set out under section 78d of this title.