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16 U.S. Code § 459f–2 - Compensation for bridge construction costs; acquisition of land for park purposes

(a) Bridge construction costs; compensation of State; limitation of amount

If the bridge from Sandy Point to Assateague Island is operated by the State of Maryland as a toll-free facility, the Secretary is authorized and directed to compensate said State in the amount of two-thirds of the cost of constructing the bridge, including the cost of bridge approaches, engineering, and all other related costs, but the total amount of such compensation shall be not more than $1,000,000; and he is authorized to enter into agreements with the State of Maryland relating to the use and management of the bridge.

(b) Acquisition or lease of Federal lands for State park purposes; terms and conditions; reversion upon noncompliance; consideration for lease; amount of payment for conveyance of title and improvements; limitation of reimbursement for beach protection

The State of Maryland shall have the right to acquire or lease from the United States such lands, or interests therein, on the island north of the area now used as a State park as the State may from time to time determine to be needed for State park purposes, and the Secretary is authorized and directed to convey or lease such lands, or interests therein, to the State for such purposes upon terms and conditions which he deems will assure its public use in harmony with the purposes of sections 459f to 459f–11 of this title. In the event any of such terms and conditions are not complied with, all the property, or any portion thereof, shall, at the option of the Secretary, revert to the United States, in its then existing condition. Any lease hereunder shall be for such consideration as the Secretary deems equitable; and any conveyance of title to land hereunder may be made only upon payment by the State of such amounts of money as were expended by the United States to acquire such land, or interests therein, and upon payments of such amounts as will reimburse the United States for the cost of any improvements placed thereon by the United States, including the cost to it of beach protection: Provided, That reimbursement for beach protection shall not exceed 30 per centum, as determined by the Secretary, of the total cost of the United States of such protection work.