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  1. § 459. Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area; conditional establishment; acquisition of lands
  2. § 459a. Acceptance of donations; acquisition of property by purchase and condemnation
  3. § 459a–1. Administration, protection, and development; commercial fishing by residents; hunting
  4. § 459a–2. Preservation of natural features; acquisition of additional property; reversion of property on failure of conditions
  5. § 459a–3. Migratory bird refuges not to be affected
  6. § 459a–4. Omitted
  7. § 459a–5. Addition of lands; Naval Amphibious Training Station
  8. § 459a–5a. Addition of lands; Hatteras
  9. § 459a–6. Acquisition of non-Federal land within boundaries of recreational area
  10. § 459a–7. Availability of appropriations
  11. § 459a–8. Limitation on expenditure
  12. § 459a–9. Conveyance of land for improvement with public health facility; reversion; consideration; status of property upon transfer of title
  13. § 459a–10. Transfer of Ocracoke Light Station to Secretary of the Interior
  14. § 459b. Cape Cod National Seashore; description of area
  15. § 459b–1. Acquisition of property
  16. § 459b–2. Establishment
  17. § 459b–3. Acquisition by condemnation
  18. § 459b–4. Zoning regulations
  19. § 459b–5. Certificate of suspension of authority for acquisition by condemnation
  20. § 459b–6. Administration of acquired property
  21. § 459b–7. Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission
  22. § 459b–8. Authorization of appropriations
  23. § 459c. Point Reyes National Seashore; purposes; authorization for establishment
  24. § 459c–1. Description of area
  25. § 459c–2. Acquisition of property
  26. § 459c–3. Repealed. Pub. L. 91–223, § 2(b), Apr. 3, 1970, 84 Stat. 90
  27. § 459c–4. Point Reyes National Seashore
  28. § 459c–5. Owner’s reservation of right of use and occupancy for fixed term of years or life
  29. § 459c–6. Administration of property
  30. § 459c–6a. The Clem Miller Environmental Education Center; designation
  31. § 459c–6b. Cooperation with utilities district; land use and occupancy; terms and conditions
  32. § 459c–7. Authorization of appropriations; restriction on use of land
  33. § 459d. Padre Island National Seashore; description of land and waters
  34. § 459d–1. Acquisition of property
  35. § 459d–2. Establishment
  36. § 459d–3. Reservation of oil, gas, and other minerals
  37. § 459d–4. Administration; utilization of authority for conservation and management of natural resources
  38. § 459d–5. Roadways to access highways from mainland
  39. § 459d–6. Aerial gunnery and bombing range agreements of Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of the Navy
  40. § 459d–7. Authorization of appropriations
  41. § 459e. Fire Island National Seashore
  42. § 459e–1. Acquisition of property
  43. § 459e–2. Zoning regulations
  44. § 459e–3. Retention by owner of right of use and occupancy of improved property for residential purposes
  45. § 459e–4. Hunting and fishing regulations
  46. § 459e–5. Acceptance of donations
  47. § 459e–6. Administration, protection, and development
  48. § 459e–7. Shore erosion control or beach protection measures; Fire Island inlet
  49. § 459e–8. Omitted
  50. § 459e–9. Authorization of appropriations
  51. § 459e–10. Authority to accept donation of William Floyd Estate
  52. § 459e–11. Authority to accept donation of main dwelling on William Floyd Estate; lease-back of donated property
  53. § 459e–12. Administration of property of William Floyd Estate; detached unit
  54. § 459f. Assateague Island National Seashore; purposes; description of area
  55. § 459f–1. Acquisition of property
  56. § 459f–2. Compensation for bridge construction costs; acquisition of land for park purposes
  57. § 459f–3. Establishment of Seashore; notice in Federal Register
  58. § 459f–4. Hunting and fishing provisions
  59. § 459f–5. Administration of Seashore
  60. § 459f–6. Repealed. Pub. L. 94–578, title III, § 301, Oct. 21, 1976, 90 Stat. 2733
  61. § 459f–7. Beach erosion control and hurricane protection
  62. § 459f–8. Repealed. Pub. L. 94–578, title III, § 301, Oct. 21, 1976, 90 Stat. 2733
  63. § 459f–9. Public utility facilities; purchase of facilities without value to utility; amount of payment
  64. § 459f–10. Authorization of appropriations
  65. § 459f–11. Comprehensive plan for protection, management, and use of seashore
  66. § 459g. Cape Lookout National Seashore; purposes; authorization for establishment; description of area
  67. § 459g–1. Acquisition of property
  68. § 459g–2. Establishment; notice in Federal Register; copies to Congress
  69. § 459g–3. Hunting and fishing provisions
  70. § 459g–4. Administration; public outdoor recreation and enjoyment; utilization of authorities for conservation and development of natural resources
  71. § 459g–5. Shore erosion control or beach protection measures
  72. § 459g–6. Preservation and designation as wilderness; review of area by Secretary; report to President
  73. § 459g–7. Authorization of appropriations; master plan to Congressional committees; time; contents
  74. § 459h. Gulf Islands National Seashore
  75. § 459h–1. Acquisition of property
  76. § 459h–2. Designation of hunting and fishing zones; regulation of maritime activities
  77. § 459h–3. Rights-of-way or easements for transportation of oil and gas minerals
  78. § 459h–4. Administration of seashore; conservation and management of wildlife and natural resources; authority to designate areas as national historic sites; agreements
  79. § 459h–5. Beach erosion control and hurricane protection; study and formulation of plans; activities by Chief of Engineers, Department of Army
  80. § 459h–6. Transfer of Horn Island and Petit Bois National Wildlife Refuges from National Wildlife Refuge System; administration
  81. § 459h–7. Preservation of any area as wilderness; study and report to President; procedure for designation of any area as a wilderness
  82. § 459h–8. Authority of Department of Army or Chief of Engineers over navigation or related matters
  83. § 459h–9. Gulf Islands National Seashore Advisory Commission; establishment; termination; membership; term; Chairman; compensation and payment of expenses; consultation by Secretary
  84. § 459h–10. Authorization of appropriations
  85. § 459i. Cumberland Island National Seashore; establishment; boundary revisions: notification of Congressional committees, publication in Federal Register
  86. § 459i–1. Acquisition of lands; authority of Secretary; mainland lands for access to seashore administrative and visitor facilities; State lands; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary
  87. § 459i–2. Cumberland Island Parkway; right-of-way; administration; regulations
  88. § 459i–3. Acquisition of property
  89. § 459i–4. Hunting and fishing
  90. § 459i–5. Administration, protection, and development
  91. § 459i–6. State and local jurisdiction
  92. § 459i–7. Water resource developments
  93. § 459i–8. Report to President
  94. § 459i–9. Authorization of appropriations
  95. § 459j. Canaveral National Seashore; establishment; boundary; boundary revisions; limitation on area
  96. § 459j–1. Acquisition of property; donation and development of State lands; transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary; written cooperative agreement with National Aeronautics and Space Administration; construction and development; report to Congressional committees
  97. § 459j–2. Improved property
  98. § 459j–3. Designation of hunting, fishing and trapping zones; regulations; consultation with appropriate State agencies
  99. § 459j–4. Administration, protection, and development
  100. § 459j–5. Canaveral National Seashore Advisory Commission
  101. § 459j–6. Transfer of lands for use as administrative and visitor facilities to Secretary of the Interior; use of portion of John F. Kennedy Space Center; transfer of excess land within seashore to Secretary of the Interior
  102. § 459j–7. Report to President
  103. § 459j–8. Authorization of appropriations; reports to Congressional committees