16 U.S. Code § 684 - Game breeding areas in Wichita and Grand Canyon National Forests

§ 684.
Game breeding areas in Wichita and Grand Canyon National Forests

The President of the United States is authorized to designate such areas in the Wichita National Forest and in the Grand Canyon National Forest as should, in his opinion, be set aside for the protection of game animals and birds and be recognized as a breeding place therefor.

(Jan. 24, 1905, ch. 137, § 1, 33 Stat. 614; June 29, 1906, ch. 3593, § 1, 34 Stat. 607.)

Act Jan. 24, 1905, and act June 29, 1906, are identical in language throughout, except that the earlier act authorizes the setting aside of areas in Wichita National Forest, while the latter authorizes areas in Grand Canyon National Forest. The two acts have been combined to form this section and sections 685 and 686 of this title.

“Wichita National Forest” and “Grand Canyon National Forest” substituted for “Wichita Forest Reserve” and “Grand Canyon Forest Reserve”, respectively, on authority of act Mar. 4, 1907, ch. 2907, 34 Stat. 1269, which provided that forest reserves shall hereafter be known as national forests.

Presidential Designation; Abolition of Wichita National Forest

The entire Wichita National Forest was designated a Game Preserve by Proclamation of June 2, 1905 (34 Stat. 3062), enlarged by Executive Order No. 7116, July 26, 1935, and designated the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge by Act June 4, 1936, ch. 489, title I, § 1, 49 Stat. 1446. Proclamation No. 2211, Nov. 27, 1936 (50 Stat. 1797), revoked the proclamations of July 4, 1901 (32 Stat. 1973), May 29, 1906 (34 Stat. 3207), and Oct. 13, 1910 (36 Stat. 2754), establishing, enlarging, and modifying the Wichita National Forest, but did affect the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

The Grand Canyon National Game Preserve was established by Proclamation of Nov. 28, 1906 (34 Stat. 3263), enlarged by Proclamation of June 23, 1908 (35 Stat. 2192), and diminished by Proclamation of June 3, 1909 (36 Stat. 2496). The lands of the Grand Canyon National Forest were divided among and combined with those of the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests by Proclamation of July 2, 1908 (35 Stat. 2196).


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