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  1. § 671. Repealed and Omitted
  2. § 672. Omitted
  3. § 673. Wyoming Elk Reserve
  4. § 673a. Addition to the Wyoming Elk Reserve
  5. § 673b. National Elk Refuge in Wyoming
  6. § 673c. Conservation of elk in Wyoming
  7. § 673d. Restoration and conservation of elk in California
  8. § 673e. Cooperation of Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture and Defense with State of California
  9. § 673f. Repealed. Pub. L. 105–362, title IX, § 901(b)(1), Nov. 10, 1998, 112 Stat. 3289
  10. § 673g. Plan for elk restoration and conservation; coordination of Secretary of the Interior with Federal, State and other officers; integration with State plans
  11. § 674. White Horse Hill National Game Preserve
  12. § 674a. Sullys Hill National Park; transfer of control; change of name to White Horse Hill National Game Preserve; boundaries; use by public; hunting
  13. § 674b. White Horse Hill National Game Preserve; acquisition of additional lands
  14. § 674c. Boundary and division fences for White Horse Hill National Game Preserve; buildings and improvements; supplies; employees
  15. § 674d. Authorization of appropriations
  16. § 675. Norbeck Wildlife Preserve; establishment
  17. § 676. Hunting, trapping, killing, or capturing game on Norbeck Wildlife Preserve unlawful
  18. § 677. Inclosure of Norbeck Wildlife Preserve
  19. § 678. Exchange of lands with State of South Dakota and Norbeck Wildlife Preserve
  20. § 678a. Mining locations in Norbeck Wildlife Preserve; rules and regulations
  21. § 678b. Redefinition of western boundary of Norbeck Wildlife Preserve
  22. § 679. Patents to State of South Dakota of certain lands in Custer State Park; reservation of coal, oil, gas, and other mineral rights
  23. § 680. Game animal and bird refuge in South Dakota; establishment
  24. § 681. Erection of fence by South Dakota for game animal and bird refuge
  25. § 682. Game refuge in Ozark National Forest
  26. § 683. Areas set aside for protection of game and fish; unlawfully taking game or fish
  27. § 684. Game breeding areas in Wichita and Grand Canyon National Forests
  28. § 685. Hunting, trapping, killing, or capturing game in designated breeding areas unlawful
  29. § 686. Operation of local game laws not affected
  30. § 687. Grand Canyon Game Preserve included in park
  31. § 688. Repealed. Pub. L. 95–625, title III, § 314(g), Nov. 10, 1978, 92 Stat. 3483
  32. § 689. Tahquitz National Game Preserve
  33. § 689a. Other uses of land permitted in Tahquitz National Game Preserve
  34. § 689b. Hunting, pursuing, capturing in Tahquitz National Game Preserve unlawful
  35. § 689c. Rules and regulations for administration of the Tahquitz Preserve; predatory animals
  36. § 689d. Acceptance of title to privately owned lands within Tahquitz Preserve
  37. § 690. Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge; establishment; acquisition of lands
  38. § 690a. Maintenance of lands acquired as refuge and breeding place for migratory birds
  39. § 690b. Consent of Utah to acquisition of lands for Bear River Refuge; approval of title to lands acquired
  40. § 690c. Existence of easements, reservations, or exceptions as barring acquisition of lands
  41. § 690d. Injuries to property on Bear River Refuge; disturbance of birds, etc.; violation of regulations for use of refuge
  42. § 690e. Enforcement of laws and regulations; warrants and processes; jurisdiction of courts; forfeiture of property captured, injured, killed or removed
  43. § 690f. Expenditures by Secretary of the Interior for construction, maintenance, etc., of Bear River Refuge; employment of necessary means to execute functions imposed on him
  44. § 690g. Violation of laws and regulations; penalties
  45. § 690h. “Person” defined
  46. § 690i. Omitted
  47. § 691. Cheyenne Bottoms Migratory Bird Refuge; location; acquisition of land
  48. § 691a. Establishment of Cheyenne Bottoms Migratory Bird Refuge; purpose
  49. § 691b. Omitted
  50. § 691c. Acquisition of areas for Cheyenne Bottoms Refuge; title; rights-of-way, easements, and reservations
  51. § 691d. Applicability of certain statutes
  52. § 692. Game sanctuaries or refuges in Ocala National Forest; creation
  53. § 692a. Hunting, pursuing, capturing, etc., in Ocala National Forest unlawful
  54. § 693. Game sanctuaries and refuges in Ouachita National Forest
  55. § 693a. Rules and regulations for administration of Ouachita National Forest; violations; penalties
  56. § 693b. Robert S. Kerr Memorial Arboretum and Nature Center in Ouachita National Forest; authority to establish
  57. § 693c. Administration by Secretary of Agriculture of the Robert S. Kerr Center
  58. § 693d. Cooperation with public and private agencies; contributions and gifts for Robert S. Kerr Center
  59. § 694. Fish and game sanctuaries in national forests; establishment by President
  60. § 694a. Hunting, pursuing, capturing, etc., in sanctuaries in national forests unlawful
  61. § 694b. Rules and regulations for administration of sanctuaries in national forests; jurisdiction of States
  62. § 695. Migratory waterfowl and other wildlife refuge in California; participation by State of California
  63. § 695a. Title in United States of California refuge areas; existence of easements, reservations, etc.; affecting acquisition
  64. § 695b. Applicability of certain statutes
  65. § 695c. Availability of funds for construction of dams, buildings, etc., for California refuge
  66. § 695d. Development of water supplies for waterfowl management in California; reauthorization of Central Valley Project
  67. § 695e. Construction, operation, and maintenance of water supply development works
  68. § 695f. Construction, etc., authorized by section 695e as not reimbursable or returnable under reclamation laws
  69. § 695g. Authorization of appropriations
  70. § 695h. Ownership by State of California of works constructed
  71. § 695i. Authorization of Secretary of the Interior to contract for water delivery; nonreimbursable or nonreturnable basis of delivery
  72. § 695j. Conformity of water use with California laws; construction of sections 695d to 695j–1
  73. § 695j–1. Conformity of contracts with Federal law through negotiation of amendments
  74. § 695k. Congressional declaration of policy for preservation of habitat for migratory waterfowl and prevention of depredations on agricultural crops
  75. § 695l. Dedication of lands within boundaries of refuges to wildlife conservation; administration of lands for waterfowl management and optimum agricultural use; homestead entry prohibition; inclusion of other public lands; property of the United States
  76. § 695m. Annual percentage payments of net revenues from leases of Klamath project lands on pro rata basis; limitation on payments; priority of use of net revenues
  77. § 695n. Leases of Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge reserved lands; management of other reserved public lands for waterfowl purposes
  78. § 695o. Limitation on reduction of areas by diking or other construction
  79. § 695p. Regulation of waters to maintain sump levels
  80. § 695q. Research studies on Clear Lake Refuge; report to Congress
  81. § 695r. Regulations by Secretary
  82. § 696. National Key Deer Refuge; establishment; acquisition of property: exchanges, cash equalization payments; administration
  83. § 696a. Acquisition of title to properties for National Key Deer Refuge; rights-of-way and easements
  84. § 696b. Authorization of appropriations; limitation
  85. §§ 697, 697a. Omitted
  86. § 698. Big Thicket National Preserve
  87. § 698a. Acquisition of property for Big Thicket Preserve
  88. § 698b. Right of use and occupancy of improved property on Big Thicket Preserve
  89. § 698c. Administration of Big Thicket Preserve
  90. § 698d. Review of Big Thicket Preserve area by Secretary; report to President
  91. § 698e. Authorization of appropriations for Big Thicket Preserve
  92. § 698f. Big Cypress National Preserve; Big Cypress National Preserve Addition
  93. § 698g. Acquisition of lands for Big Cypress Preserve
  94. § 698h. Right of use and occupancy of improved property on Big Cypress Preserve and Addition
  95. § 698i. Administration of Big Cypress Preserve; applicability of other laws; rules and regulations for use of lands and waters; transportation facilities; consultation and cooperation with Secretary of Transportation
  96. § 698j. Hunting, fishing, and trapping in Big Cypress Preserve and Addition authorized in accordance with applicable Federal and State laws; consultation with appropriate State agency prior to implementation of regulations restricting activities; land use and retention rights of Miccosukee and Seminole Indian Tribes
  97. § 698k. Contracts for providing visitor services in Big Cypress Preserve and Addition; right of first refusal to Miccosukee and Seminole Tribes
  98. § 698l. Review of Big Cypress Preserve area and Addition area by Secretary; report to President
  99. § 698m. Authorization of appropriations for Big Cypress Preserve and Addition
  100. § 698m–1. Big Cypress National Preserve Addition
  101. § 698m–2. Establishment of recreational access points, roads, etc., in conjunction with creation of Big Cypress National Preserve Addition; cooperation among agencies
  102. § 698m–3. Status of Big Cypress National Preserve and Addition; report to Congress; plan
  103. § 698m–4. Oil and gas exploration, development, and production in Big Cypress National Preserve and Addition
  104. § 698n. Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve
  105. § 698o. Protection of significant historic assets
  106. § 698p. Integrated administration and interpretation
  107. § 698q. Little River Canyon National Preserve; establishment
  108. § 698r. Administration
  109. § 698s. Acquisition
  110. § 698t. Authorization of appropriations
  111. § 698u. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve: findings and purposes
  112. § 698u–1. Definitions
  113. § 698u–2. Establishment of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
  114. § 698u–3. Administration of National Preserve
  115. § 698u–4. Limited authority to acquire
  116. § 698u–5. Advisory Committee
  117. § 698u–6. Restriction on authority
  118. § 698u–7. Authorization of appropriations
  119. §§ 698v to 698v–10. Repealed. Pub. L. 113–291, div. B, title XXX, § 3043(d)(1), Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3798
  120. § 698v–11. Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico
  121. § 698w. Special management requirements for Federal lands recently added to Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho