16 U.S. Code § 7631 - Presidential Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking

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(a) ResponsibilitiesIn addition to the functions required by Executive Order 13648 (78 Fed. Reg. 40621), the Task Force shall be informed by the Secretary of State’s annual report required under section 7621 of this title and considering all available information, ensure that relevant United States Government agencies—
collaborate, to the greatest extent practicable, with the national wildlife services, or other relevant bodies of each focus country to prepare, not later than 90 days after the date of submission of the report required under section 7621(a) of this title, a United States mission assessment of the threats to wildlife in that focus country and an assessment of the capacity of that country to address wildlife trafficking;
collaborate, to the greatest extent practicable, with relevant ministries, national wildlife services, or other relevant bodies of each focus country to prepare, not later than 180 days after preparation of the assessment referred to in paragraph (1), a United States mission strategic plan that includes recommendations for addressing wildlife trafficking, taking into account any regional or national strategies for addressing wildlife trafficking in a focus country developed before the preparation of such assessment;
coordinate efforts among United States Federal agencies and non-Federal partners, including missions, domestic and international organizations, the private sector, and other global partners, to implement the strategic plans required by paragraph (2) in each focus country;
not less frequently than annually, consult and coordinate with stakeholders qualified to provide advice, assistance, and information regarding effective support for anti-poaching activities, coordination of regional law enforcement efforts, development of and support for effective legal enforcement mechanisms, and development of strategies to reduce illicit trade and reduce consumer demand for illegally traded wildlife and wildlife products, and other relevant topics under this chapter; and
coordinate or carry out other functions as are necessary to implement this chapter.
(b) Duplication and efficiencyThe Task Force shall—
ensure that the activities of the Federal agencies involved in carrying out efforts under this chapter are coordinated and not duplicated; and
encourage efficiencies and coordination among the efforts of Federal agencies and interagency initiatives ongoing as of October 7, 2016, to address trafficking activities, including trafficking of wildlife, humans, weapons, and narcotics, illegal trade, transnational organized crime, or other illegal activities.
(c) Consistency with agency responsibilities

The Task Force shall carry out its responsibilities under this chapter in a manner consistent with the authorities and responsibilities of agencies represented on the Task Force.

(d) Task Force strategic reviewOne year after October 7, 2016, and annually thereafter, the Task Force shall submit a strategic assessment of its work and provide a briefing to the appropriate congressional committees that shall include—
(1) a review and assessment of the Task Force’s implementation of this chapter, identifying successes, failures, and gaps in its work, or that of agencies represented on the Task Force, including detailed descriptions of—
what approaches, initiatives, or programs have succeeded best in increasing the willingness and capacity of focus countries to suppress and prevent illegal wildlife trafficking, and what approaches, initiatives, or programs have not succeeded as well as hoped; and
which foreign governments subject to subsections (a) and (b) of section 7621 of this title have proven to be the most successful partners in suppressing and preventing illegal wildlife trafficking, which focus countries have not proven to be so, and what factors contributed to these results in each country discussed;
a description of each Task Force member agency’s priorities and objectives for combating wildlife trafficking;
an account of total United States funding each year since fiscal year 2014 for all government agencies and programs involved in countering poaching and wildlife trafficking;
an account of total United States funding since fiscal year 2014 to support the activities of the Task Force, including administrative overhead costs and congressional reporting; and
recommendations for how to improve United States and international efforts to suppress and prevent illegal wildlife trafficking in the future, based upon the Task Force’s experience as of the time of the review.
(e) Termination of Task Force

The statutory authorization for the Task Force provided by this chapter shall terminate 5 years after October 7, 2016, or such earlier date that the President terminates the Task Force by rescinding, superseding, or otherwise modifying relevant portions of Executive Order 13648.

Editorial Notes
References in Text

Executive Order 13648, referred to in subsecs. (a) and (e), is Ex. Ord. No. 13648, July 1, 2013, 78 F.R. 40621, which is set out as a note under section 1531 of this title.

This chapter, referred to in text, was in the original “this Act”, meaning Pub. L. 114–231, Oct. 7, 2016, 130 Stat. 949, known as the Eliminate, Neutralize, and Disrupt Wildlife Trafficking Act of 2016, which is classified principally to this chapter. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title note under section 7601 of this title and Tables.

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