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16 U.S. Code § 79a - Establishment; statement of purposes

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In order to preserve significant examples of the primeval coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forests and the streams and seashores with which they are associated for purposes of public inspiration, enjoyment, and scientific study, there is hereby established a Redwood National Park in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, California.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Short Title of 2005 Amendment

Pub. L. 109–131, title III, § 301, Dec. 20, 2005, 119 Stat. 2569, provided that:

“This title [amending section 79b of this title] may be cited as the ‘Redwood National Park Boundary Adjustment Act of 2005’.”
Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center

Pub. L. 105–277, div. A, § 101(e) [title I, § 146], Oct. 21, 1998, 112 Stat. 2681–231, 2681–267, provided that:

“The Redwood Information Center located at 119231 Highway 101 in Orick, California is hereby named the ‘Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center’ and shall be referred to in any law, document or record of the United States as the ‘Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center’.”