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  1. § 79a. Establishment; statement of purposes
  2. § 79b. Park area
  3. § 79c. Acquisition of land
  4. § 79c–1. Vesting in United States of all right, title, etc., in real property and down tree personal property in additional lands; effective date; authorization of appropriations
  5. § 79d. Acquisition of lands
  6. § 79e. Exchange of property; cash equalization payments; commercial operations, minimum economic dislocation and disruption
  7. § 79f. Transfer of property from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary
  8. § 79g. Contract authorization within prescribed cost limits; installments: duration, interest; provisions for payment of judgments and compromise settlements applicable to judgments against United States
  9. § 79h. Memorial groves named for benefactors
  10. § 79i. Administration
  11. § 79j. Authorization of appropriations
  12. § 79k. Mitigation of adverse economic impacts to local economy resulting from additional lands; analysis of Federal actions necessary or desirable; consultations and considerations by Secretaries concerned; reports to Congress; implementation of programs; funding requirements
  13. § 79l. Employment of personnel for rehabilitation, protection, and improvements of additional lands
  14. § 79m. Annual reporting requirements; contents; comprehensive general management plan; submission date and scope
  15. § 79n. Authorization of appropriations for rehabilitation programs
  16. § 79o. Repealed. Pub. L. 97–258, § 5(b), Sept. 13, 1982, 96 Stat. 1068
  17. § 79p. Community services and employment opportunities of Redwoods United, Inc. to be maintained at present rate of employment
  18. § 79q. Pledge of full faith and credit of United States for payment of compensation for lands, etc., taken