16 U.S. Code § 831f - Control of plants and property vested in Corporation; transfer of other property to Corporation

In order to enable the Corporation to exercise the powers and duties vested in it by this chapter—
The exclusive use, possession, and control of the United States nitrate plants numbered 1 and 2, including steam plants, located, respectively, at Sheffield, Alabama, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, together with all real estate and buildings connected therewith, all tools and machinery, equipment, accessories, and materials belonging thereto, and all laboratories and plants used as auxiliaries thereto; the fixed-nitrogen research laboratory, the Waco limestone quarry, in Alabama, and Dam Numbered 2, located at Muscle Shoals, its power house, and all hydroelectric and operating appurtenances (except the locks), and all machinery, lands, and buildings in connection therewith, and all appurtenances thereof, and all other property to be acquired by the Corporation in its own name or in the name of the United States of America, are intrusted to the Corporation for the purposes of this chapter.
The President of the United States is authorized to provide for the transfer to the Corporation of the use, possession, and control of such other real or personal property of the United States as he may from time to time deem necessary and proper for the purposes of the Corporation as herein stated.
(May 18, 1933, ch. 32, § 7, 48 Stat. 63.)
Executive Documents
Delegation of Functions

Authority of President under subsection (b) of this section to provide for transfer to Tennessee Valley Authority of use, possession, and control of real or personal property of United States deemed by Administrator of General Services to be necessary and proper for purposes of that Authority as provided for in this section, delegated to Administrator of General Services, see section 1(17) of Ex. Ord. No. 11609, July 22, 1971, 36 F.R. 13747, set out as a note under section 301 of Title 3, The President.

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