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  1. § 831. Creation; short title
  2. § 831a. Membership, operation, and duties of the Board of Directors
  3. § 831b. Officers and employees; wages of laborers and mechanics; application of employees’ compensation provisions
  4. § 831b–1. Acceptance of services of volunteers
  5. § 831c. Corporate powers generally; eminent domain; construction of dams, transmission lines, etc.
  6. § 831c–1. Bridges endangered or damaged by dams, etc.; compensation of and contracts with owner for protection, replacement, etc.
  7. § 831c–2. Civil actions for injury or loss of property or personal injury or death
  8. § 831c–3. Law enforcement
  9. § 831d. Directors; maintenance and operation of plant for production, sale, and distribution of fertilizer and power
  10. § 831e. Officers and employees; nonpolitical appointment; removal for violation
  11. § 831f. Control of plants and property vested in Corporation; transfer of other property to Corporation
  12. § 831g. Principal office of Corporation; books; directors’ oath
  13. § 831h. Annual financial statement; purchases and contracts; audit by Comptroller General
  14. § 831h–1. Operation of dams primarily for promotion of navigation and controlling floods; generation and sale of electricity
  15. § 831h–2. Repealed. Pub. L. 86–137, § 1, Aug. 6, 1959, 73 Stat. 280
  16. § 831h–3. Recreational access
  17. § 831i. Sale of surplus power; preferences; experimental work; acquisition of existing electric facilities
  18. § 831j. Equitable distribution of surplus power among States and municipalities; improvement in production of fertilizer
  19. § 831k. Transmission lines; construction or lease; sale of power over other than Government lines; rates when sold for resale at profit
  20. § 831k–1. Extension of credit to States, municipalities and nonprofit organizations to assist in operation of existing facilities
  21. § 831l. Financial assistance to States and local governments in lieu of taxation; apportionment; limitation on contracts for sale of power to municipalities; report to Congress
  22. § 831m. Allocation and charge of value and cost of plants to particular objects; cost accounting; reports of costs of operation; sale of surplus power at profit
  23. § 831m–1. Tennessee Valley Authority least-cost planning program
  24. § 831n. Bonds for future construction; amount, terms, and conditions
  25. § 831n–1. Bonds to carry out provisions of section 831k–1; amount, terms, and conditions
  26. § 831n–2. Bonds; limitation of issuance under sections 831n and 831n–1
  27. § 831n–3. Use of funds; limitation of issuance
  28. § 831n–4. Bonds for financing power program
  29. § 831o. Completion of unfinished plants authorized
  30. § 831p. Repealed. Pub. L. 89–554, § 8(a), Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 648
  31. § 831q. Eminent domain; contracts for relocation of railroads, highways, industrial plants, etc.
  32. § 831r. Patents; access to Patent and Trademark Office and right to copy patents; compensation to patentees
  33. § 831s. Possession by Government in time of war; damages to contract holders
  34. § 831t. Offenses; fines and punishment
  35. § 831u. Surveys; cooperation with States or other agencies
  36. § 831v. Legislation to carry out purposes of chapter; recommendation by President
  37. § 831w. Acquisition of real or personal property; payment by delivery of power; sale or lease of vacant land for industrial purposes
  38. § 831x. Condemnation proceedings; institution by Corporation; venue
  39. § 831y. Net proceeds over expense payable into Treasury
  40. § 831y–1. Approval of plans by Board as condition precedent to construction and operation; restraining action without approval; other laws unaffected
  41. § 831z. Authorization of appropriations
  42. § 831aa. Laws repealed
  43. § 831bb. Reservation of right to amend or repeal
  44. § 831cc. Separability
  45. § 831dd. Liberal construction of chapter; sale of surplus lands
  46. § 831ee. Essential stewardship activities