2 U.S. Code §§ 137a, 137b. Omitted


Section 137a, R.S. § 94, related to persons specially privileged to use library. See last sentence of section 136 of this title, which gives Librarian of Congress power to make rules and regulations for government of library.

Section 137b, act Aug. 28, 1890, No. 41, 26 Stat. 678, which related to Interstate Commerce Commission and Chief of Army Engineering Corps, was omitted from the Code as superseded by the last sentence of section 136 of this title.

Joint Committee Report

With reference to former section 137a of this title, the Joint Committee on the Library, in an official report March 3, 1897 (54th Cong., 2d Sess., Senate Report 1573) declared:

“Heretofore the Joint Committee on the Library has had authority to approve such rules and regulations as have been made by the Librarian of Congress, but the provision of law under which the Joint Committee has hitherto passed upon said rules and regulations would appear to be repealed by the more recent act (section 136 of this title) which places this power in the hands of the Librarian of Congress.”