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20 U.S. Code § 3423a - Office of Correctional Education

(a) FindingsThe Congress finds and declares that—
education is important to, and makes a significant contribution to, the readjustment of incarcerated individuals to society; and
there is a growing need for immediate action by the Federal Government to assist State and local educational programs for criminal offenders in correctional institutions.
(b) Statement of purpose

It is the purpose of this subchapter to encourage and support educational programs for criminal offenders in correctional institutions.

(c) Establishment of Office

The Secretary of Education shall establish within the Department of Education an Office of Correctional Education.

(d) Functions of OfficeThe Secretary, through the Office of Correctional Education established under subsection (c) of this section, shall—
coordinate all correctional education programs within the Department of Education;
provide technical support to State and local educational agencies and schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs on correctional education programs and curricula;
provide an annual report to the Congress on the progress of the Office of Correctional Education and the status of correctional education in the United States;
cooperate with other Federal agencies carrying out correctional education programs to ensure coordination of such programs;
consult with, and provide outreach to, State directors of correctional education and correctional educators; and
collect from States a sample of information on the number of individuals who complete a vocational education sequence, earn a high school degree or general equivalency diploma, or earn a postsecondary degree while incarcerated and the correlation with job placement, job retention, and recidivism.
(e) DefinitionsAs used in this section—
the term “criminal offender” means any individual who is charged with or convicted of any criminal offense, including a youth offender or a juvenile offender;
(2) the term “correctional institution” means any—
work farm,
detention center, or
halfway house, community-based rehabilitation center, or any other similar institution designed for the confinement or rehabilitation of criminal offenders; and
the term “State educational agency” means the State board of education or other agency or officer primarily responsible for the State supervision of public elementary and secondary schools, or, if there is no such officer or agency, an officer or agency designated by the Governor or by State law.
Editorial Notes
Prior Provisions

A prior section 212 of Pub. L. 96–88 was renumbered section 211 and is classified to section 3422 of this title.


1994—Subsec. (d). Pub. L. 103–322 substituted “under subsection (c)” for “under subsection (a)” in introductory provisions.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date

Pub. L. 101–392, title VII, § 702, Sept. 25, 1990, 104 Stat. 843, provided that:

“(a) In General.—
Except as provided in subsection (b), the amendments made by this Act [enacting subchapter II of chapter 44 of this title, this section, sections 2311a, 2327, 2328, 2394 to 2394e, 2395 to 2395e, 2396 to 2396m, 2411 to 2420a, 2424, 2466b to 2466e, 2468, 2468b to 2468e, and 3423a of this title, and subchapter III of chapter 20 of Title 25, Indians, amending sections 2301, 2311 to 2313, 2321 to 2324, 2352, 2361 to 2363, 2382, 2391, 2392, 2401 to 2404, 2421 to 2423, 2451, 2463, and 2471 of this title, section 1812 of Title 25, and sections 49f, 1533, 1604, and 1661c of Title 29, Labor, repealing sections 1131, 2371 to 2373, 2376 to 2378, 2431, 2462, 2464, 2465, and 3423 of this title, and amending provisions set out as a note under section 2301 of this title] shall take effect on July 1, 1991.
“(b) Special Rule.—
Sections 3, 115, 116, 504, and 512 and part H of title III of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act [former sections 2302, 2325, 2326, 2466a, and 2468a of this title and former part H (§ 2397 et seq.) of subchapter III of chapter 44 of this title] (as amended by this Act) shall take effect upon the enactment of this Act [Sept. 25, 1990].”