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20 U.S. Code § 5506 - Environmental internships and fellowships

(a) Postsecondary students and in-service teachers

The Administrator shall, in consultation with the Office of Personnel Management and other appropriate Federal agencies, provide for internships by postsecondary level students and fellowships for in-service teachers with agencies of the Federal Government.

(b) Purpose

The purpose of internships and fellowships pursuant to this section shall be to provide college level students and in-service teachers with an opportunity to work with professional staff of Federal agencies involved in environmental issues and thereby gain an understanding and appreciation of such issues and the skills and abilities appropriate to such professions.

(c) Minimum number of internships and fellowships

The Administrator shall, to the extent practicable, support not less than 250 internships each year and not less than 50 fellowships each year.

(d) Management of programs; eligible agencies

The internship and fellowship programs shall be managed by the Office of Environmental Education. Interns and fellows may serve in appropriate agencies of the Federal Government including, but not limited to, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Council on Environmental Quality, Federal natural resource management agencies, the Department of Agriculture, and the National Science Foundation.

(e) Length of internships and fellowships; funding

Interns shall be hired on a temporary, full-time basis for not to exceed 6 months and shall be compensated appropriately. Fellows shall be hired on a temporary full-time basis for not to exceed 12 months and shall be compensated appropriately. Federal agencies hiring interns shall provide the funds necessary to support salaries and related costs.

(f) Eligible individuals
Individuals eligible for participation in the internship program are students enrolled at accredited colleges or universities who have successfully completed not less than four courses or the equivalent in environmental sciences or studies, as determined by the Administrator.
Individuals eligible for participation in the fellowship program are in-service teachers who are currently employed by a local education agency and have not less than 2 years experience in teaching environmental education, environmental sciences, or related courses.
(g) Applications

Individuals shall be selected for internships and fellowships based on applications which shall be in such form as the Administrator considers appropriate.

(h) Geographic, cultural, and minority representation

In selecting individuals for internships and fellowships, the Administrator shall provide for wide geographic, cultural, and minority representation.