22 U.S. Code § 290 - Acceptance of membership by the United States

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The President is hereby authorized to accept membership for the United States in the World Health Organization (hereinafter referred to as the Organization), the constitution of which was adopted in New York on July 22, 1946, by the International Health Conference for the establishment of an International Health Organization, and deposited in the archives of the United Nations.

(June 14, 1948, ch. 469, § 1, 62 Stat. 441.)
Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Participation of Taiwan in the World Health Organization

Pub. L. 108–235, § 1, June 14, 2004, 118 Stat. 656, provided that the Secretary of State is authorized to initiate a plan to endorse and obtain observer status for Taiwan at the annual week-long summit of the World Health Assembly each year in Geneva, Switzerland, to instruct the United States delegation to the World Health Assembly to implement that plan, to introduce a resolution in support of observer status for Taiwan at the summit of the World Health Assembly, and to submit, not later than 30 days after June 14, 2004, and by Apr. 1 of each year thereafter, a report to Congress concerning observer status for Taiwan at the Summit of the World Health Assembly.

Executive Documents
International Health Administration

Ex. Ord. No. 10399, Sept. 29, 1952, 17 F.R. 8648, designated Surgeon General to perform certain duties under International Sanitary Regulations of World Health Organization.