22 U.S. Code § 6444 - Report to Congress

§ 6444.
Report to Congress
(a) In generalSubject to subsection (b), not later than 90 days after the President decides to take action under section 6441 of this title in response to violations of religious freedom and the President decides to take action under paragraphs (9) through (15) of section 6445(a) of this title (or commensurate action in substitution thereto) with respect to that country, or not later than 90 days after the President designates a country as a country of particular concern for religious freedom under section 6442 of this title, as the case may be, the President shall submit a report to Congress containing the following:
(1) Identification of Presidential actions

An identification of the Presidential action or actions described in paragraphs (9) through (15) of section 6445(a) of this title (or commensurate action in substitution thereto) to be taken with respect to the foreign country.

(2) Description of violations

A description of the violations giving rise to the Presidential action or actions to be taken.

(3) Purpose of Presidential actions

A description of the purpose of the Presidential action or actions.

(4) Evaluation
(A) DescriptionAn evaluation, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Ambassador at Large, the Commission, the Special Adviser, the parties described in section 6443(c) and (d) of this title, and whoever else the President deems appropriate, of—
the impact upon the foreign government;
the impact upon the population of the country;
the impact upon the United States economy and other interested parties; and
the impact on the advancement of United States interests in democracy, human rights, and security, and a description of policy tools being applied in the country, including programs that target democratic stability, economic growth, and counterterrorism.
(B) Authority to withhold disclosure

The President may withhold part or all of such evaluation from the public but shall provide the entire evaluation to Congress.

(5) Statement of policy options

A statement that noneconomic policy options designed to bring about cessation of the particularly severe violations of religious freedom have reasonably been exhausted, including the consultations required in section 6443 of this title.

(6) Description of multilateral negotiations

A description of multilateral negotiations sought or carried out, if appropriate and applicable.

(b) Delay in transmittal of report

If, on or before the date that the President is required (but for this subsection) to submit a report under subsection (a) to Congress, the President determines and certifies to Congress that a single, additional period of time not to exceed 90 days is necessary pursuant to section 6441(b)(3) or 6442(c)(3) of this title, then the President shall not be required to submit the report to Congress until the expiration of that period of time.

(Pub. L. 105–292, title IV, § 404, Oct. 27, 1998, 112 Stat. 2805; Pub. L. 114–281, title III, § 303, Dec. 16, 2016, 130 Stat. 1435.)

2016—Subsec. (a)(4)(A)(iv). Pub. L. 114–281 added cl. (iv).


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