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25 U.S. Code § 409a - Sale of restricted lands; reinvestment in other restricted lands

Whenever any nontaxable land of a restricted Indian of the Five Civilized Tribes or of any other Indian tribe is sold to any State, county, or municipality for public-improvement purposes, or is acquired, under existing law, by any State, county, or municipality by condemnation or other proceedings for such public purposes, or is sold under existing law to any other person or corporation for other purposes, the money received for said land may, in the discretion and with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, be reinvested in other lands selected by said Indian, and such land so selected and purchased shall be restricted as to alienation, lease, or incumbrance, and nontaxable in the same quantity and upon the same terms and conditions as the nontaxable lands from which the reinvested funds were derived, and such restrictions shall appear in the conveyance.

(Mar. 2, 1931, ch. 374, 46 Stat. 1471; June 30, 1932, ch. 333, 47 Stat. 474.)
Editorial Notes

1932—Act June 30, 1932, made section applicable to lands of any restricted Indian of any other Indian tribe, and provided for sale of lands to any State and acquisition by any State instead of only to and by the State of Oklahoma.