25 U.S. Code § 903b - Menominee Restoration Committee

§ 903b.
Menominee Restoration Committee
(a) Nomination and election of members; time and procedure; ballot requirements; approval by Secretary; powers of Committee

Within fifteen days after December 22, 1973, the Secretary shall announce the date of a general council meeting of the tribe to nominate candidates for election to the Menominee Restoration Committee. Such general council meeting shall be held within thirty days of December 22, 1973. Within forty-five days of the general council meeting provided for herein, the Secretary shall hold an election by secret ballot, absentee balloting to be permitted, to elect the membership of the Menominee Restoration Committee from among the nominees submitted to him from the general council meeting provided for herein. The ballots shall provide for write-in votes. The Secretary shall approve the Menominee Restoration Committee elected pursuant to this section if he is satisfied that the requirements of this section relating to the nominating and election process have been met. The Menominee Restoration Committee shall represent the Menominee people in the implementation of this subchapter and shall have no powers other than those given to it in accordance with this subchapter. The Menominee Restoration Committee shall have no power or authority under this subchapter after the time which the duly-elected tribal governing body takes office: Provided, however, That this provision shall in no way invalidate or affect grants or contracts made pursuant to the provisions of section 903a(e) of this title.

(b) Eligible voters; notice by Secretary of nominating meeting and election

In the absence of a completed tribal roll prepared pursuant to subsection (c) hereof and solely for the purposes of the general council meeting and the election provided for in subsection (a) hereof, all living persons on the final roll of the tribe published under section 893 [1] of this title, and all descendants, who are at least eighteen years of age and who possess at least one-quarter degree of Menominee Indian blood, of persons on such roll shall be entitled to attend, participate, and vote at such general council meeting and such election. Verification of descendancy, age, and blood quantum shall be made upon oath before the Secretary or his authorized representative and his determination thereon shall be conclusive and final. The Secretary shall assure that adequate notice of such meeting and election shall be provided eligible voters.

(c) Membership roll; opening; revision procedure; prerequisites for inclusion; possession and maintenance of enrollment records and materials; appeal; finality of determination

The membership roll of the tribe which was closed as of June 17, 1954, is hereby declared open. The Secretary, under contract with the Menominee Restoration Committee, shall proceed to make current the roll in accordance with the terms of this subchapter. The names of all enrollees who are deceased as of December 22, 1973, shall be stricken. The names of any descendants of an enrollee shall be added to the roll provided such descendant possesses at least one-quarter degree Menominee Indian blood. Upon installation of elected constitutional officers of the tribe, the Secretary and the Menominee Restoration Committee shall deliver their records, files, and any other material relating to enrollment matters to the tribal governing body. All further work in bringing and maintaining current the tribal roll shall be performed in such manner as may be prescribed in accordance with the tribal governing documents. Until responsibility for the tribal roll is assumed by the tribal governing body, appeals from the omission or inclusion of any name upon the tribal roll shall lie with the Secretary and his determination thereon shall be final. The Secretary shall make the final determination of each such appeal within ninety days after an appeal is initiated.

(Pub. L. 93–197, § 4, Dec. 22, 1973, 87 Stat. 771.)

[1]  See References in Text note below.
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Section 893 of this title, referred to in subsec. (b), was repealed by section 3(b) of Pub. L. 93–197, which is classified to section 903a(b) of this title.


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