33 U.S. Code § 884 - Power to use books, maps, etc., and to employ persons

The President is authorized, in executing the provisions of title 56 of the Revised Statutes relating to the coast survey, to use all maps, charts, books, instruments, and apparatus belonging to the United States, and to direct where the same shall be deposited, and to employ all persons in the land or naval service of the United States, and such astronomers and other persons as he shall deem proper.

(R.S. § 4685.)
Editorial Notes
References in Text

Title 56 of the Revised Statutes, referred to in text, was in the original “this Title”, meaning title 56 of the Revised Statutes, consisting of R.S. §§ 4681 to 4691 of the Revised Statutes, which are classified to sections 881 to 883 and 884 to 888 of this title. For complete classification of R.S. §§ 4681 to 4691 to the Code, see Tables.


Section was not enacted as part of act Aug. 6, 1947, ch. 504, 61 Stat. 787, which comprises this subchapter.

R.S. § 4685 derived from act July 10, 1832, ch. 191, § 2, 4 Stat. 571.

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