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41 U.S. Code § 1712 - Record requirements

(a) Maintaining Records on Computer.—
Each executive agency shall establish and maintain for 5 years a computer file, by fiscal year, containing unclassified records of all procurements greater than the simplified acquisition threshold in that fiscal year.
(b) Contents.—The record established under subsection (a) shall include, with respect to each procurement carried out using—
(1) competitive procedures—
the date of contract award;
information identifying the source to whom the contract was awarded;
the property or services the Federal Government obtains under the procurement; and
the total cost of the procurement; or
(2) procedures other than competitive procedures—
the information described in paragraph (1);
the reason under section 3304(a) of this title or section 3204(a) of title 10 for using the procedures; and
the identity of the organization or activity that conducted the procurement.
(c) Separate Record Category for Procurements Resulting in One Bid or Proposal.—
Information included in a record pursuant to subsection (b)(1) that relates to procurements resulting in the submission of a bid or proposal by only one responsible source shall be separately categorized from the information relating to other procurements included in the record. The record of that information shall be designated “noncompetitive procurements using competitive procedures”.
(d) Transmission and Data Entry of Information.—The head of each executive agency shall—
ensure the accuracy of the information included in the record established and maintained by the agency under subsection (a); and
transmit in a timely manner such information to the General Services Administration for entry into the Federal Procurement Data System referred to in section 1122(a)(4) of this title, or any successor system.

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Editorial Notes

2021—Subsec. (b)(2)(B). Pub. L. 117–81 substituted “section 3204(a)” for “section 2304(c)”.