42 U.S. Code § 16152. Definitions

In this subchapter:
(1) Fuel cell

The term “fuel cell” means a device that directly converts the chemical energy of a fuel, which is supplied from an external source, and an oxidant into electricity by electrochemical processes occurring at separate electrodes in the device.

(2) Heavy-duty vehicleThe term “heavy-duty vehicle” means a motor vehicle that—
is rated at more than 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight;
has a curb weight of more than 6,000 pounds; or
has a basic vehicle frontal area in excess of 45 square feet.
(3) Infrastructure

The term “infrastructure” means the equipment, systems, or facilities used to produce, distribute, deliver, or store hydrogen (except for onboard storage).

(4) Light-duty vehicle

The term “light-duty vehicle” means a motor vehicle that is rated at 8,500 or less pounds gross vehicle weight.

(5) Stationary; portableThe terms “stationary” and “portable”, when used in reference to a fuel cell, include—
continuous electric power; and
backup electric power.
(6) Task Force

The term “Task Force” means the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Task Force established under section 16155 of this title.

(7) Technical Advisory Committee

The term “Technical Advisory Committee” means the independent Technical Advisory Committee established under section 16156 of this title.