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42 U.S. Code § 16153 - Plan

Not later than 6 months after August 8, 2005, the Secretary shall transmit to Congress a coordinated plan for the programs described in this subchapter and any other programs of the Department that are directly related to fuel cells or hydrogen. The plan shall describe, at a minimum—
the agenda for the next 5 years for the programs authorized under this subchapter, including the agenda for each activity enumerated in section 16154(e) of this title;
the types of entities that will carry out the activities under this subchapter and what role each entity is expected to play;
the milestones that will be used to evaluate the programs for the next 5 years;
the most significant technical and nontechnical hurdles that stand in the way of achieving the goals described in section 16154 of this title, and how the programs will address those hurdles; and
the policy assumptions that are implicit in the plan, including any assumptions that would affect the sources of hydrogen or the marketability of hydrogen-related products.